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    Yozora's relationship with Sora and Riku.

    I have a theory, that will probably be wrong but I'm just going to say it: In the Toy Box World we know that Yozora is a Video Game Character, I was thinking that in Yozora's Universe/World Line - Sora is a Video Game Character.
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    Post moveset ideas you want to see for the Limit Cut True Organization XIII rematch fights

    I agree with Young Xehanort pulling out his Mysterious Figure moves from BBS, I'd like to see how it'd work in KH3. Terranort could have his Guardian come out from the ground during his DM like it does during the second part of Terranort's fight in the Final Episode from BBS where if it...
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    DLC dreams you know won’t come true

    I'd love all of these but...I know most of these won't come true. A new Galaxy with 4 Worlds: Mirage Arena, Mysterious Tower, Land of Departure and Radiant Garden Mirage Arena would be a Hub of all the Battle Gates you have completed but will have it's own exclusive Battles you can do. You can...
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind trailer releasing next week

    So I guess it is coming tomorrow for me, I personally hope that we get a release date. Whatever we see, I'll be excited: I'm just happy to see more Kingdom Hearts content.
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind trailer releasing next week

    I'm confused about the Trailer Release Time, everyone's saying it comes on the 10th but I'm seeing some people saying it's coming tomorrow on the 9th.
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind trailer releasing next week

    I'd at least like a Cutscene with the Restoration Committee sending a message to Sora and wishing him luck on his journey. They could show Cloud in the background, hinting that he beat Sephiroth. Leon could insist that his name is Squall because Radiant Garden is restored and maybe Rinoa would...
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind trailer releasing next week

    I personally want to see Mirage Arena return with Co-Op if possible. I think it's possible - we've seen three group fights with different controllable characters already: You play as Riku with Sora as a Party Member, You play as Aqua vs Terranort and Vanitas and then you play as Roxas versus...
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    News ► Square Enix teases "the time to remember" in Kingdom Hearts Union X

    I'd love that too! But if anything I think Square would rather focus on the next title first. Though if they remake UX I think the game would benefit with the Command Deck System from BBS/DDD. There are so many Unique Special Medal Moves in UX (besides Supernova) that it would be a shame to pass...
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    News ► Scholastic to publish new Kingdom Hearts novel series, official character handbook

    I can't be surprised if this is Canon, there's been obscure ways of having to get Kingdom Hearts Information in the past like Interviews, Phone Games and Special Scenes at Concerts. I'm interested about this Novel though.
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    The Future of Kingdom Hearts (Spoilers)

    As much as I love the Disney Worlds, while playing KHIII for the first time I was more excited about the Kingdom Hearts plot details. The Disney Worlds were fun but to me it didn't add anything to the plot. I think they should either deviate from Disney Worlds or try to involve them in the plot...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    There's still things that we don't know about Time Traveling in the Kingdom Hearts Universe, sure we have the basis of Rules from Xehanort but how does that explain Maleficent going back to the Age of Fairy Tales, Timeless River? I think they only knew an easy way to Time Travel but with the...
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    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC

    I would love to see some Flashbacks of Young Eraqus and Xehanort but I don't see any purpose for them appearing other than explaining Luxu's backstory even further and besides them playing another game of Chess
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    News ► Nomura shares first details of Kingdom Hearts III DLC

    When do they usually show a trailer during the Orchestra?
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    What you Want/Don't Want/Expect in the next game

    Want: -Riku as a Playable Character with Mickey and Kairi as permanent Party Members as they go through Disney Worlds and hopefully some of the Disney Worlds are ones that have been missed opportunities like Jungle Book and Treasure Planet --Riku's relationship with Mickey and Kairi should be...