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  • Hey man.

    Vaan really is in Dissidia 012. Now Gabranth has to deal with him. :<

    But look on the bright side, Vaan doesn't angst (even though he did at Basch in Barheim).

    Also, Sky. Fortress. Bahamut.
    By the way, I figured out something.

    Remember when you said Balthier should have had more screentime in WotL?

    He already has two games worth of screentime! Why more?
    To begin, the VA's just couldn't get any actual cutscene videos for reference.

    And the laugh was done on purpose.

    Indeed, the character design is bizarre, if not cartoonish. : P

    I was amazed too. I mean, first Burress had the troubles of lip-syncing in FFX, then she goes on to voice, of all characters, Lady Agrias Oaks. What I like about Agrias is that she's a Paladin. A female Paladin, by the way.
    By the way, I actually feel a bit sorry for Vaan.

    I mean, the guy can't afford more than 6 gil from monsters. The least he can do is sell items he stole.

    I swear. He's like a homeless man.
    Really? I loved that movie, especially when the ending is paired with Echoes by Pink Floyd. If you haven't seen the two combined, you should!
    Yeah, I don't read much non fiction, but my personal library is filled with things like Harry Potter, LotR, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Edge Chronicals, and the like
    Haha yeah, you said it was too long earlier.

    Well, I've never read the book, but the movie's pretty fantastic
    lol I'm sorry. Didn't mean too... I think....
    So whats been up?
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