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  • Hey maaaaaaaan, that's a typical complaint :p

    Villain Tidus? From now on, I will call Dissidia 012/Tidus Shuyin.

    I played Prologus. I officially love Kain. Well, Lightning is also fun to play as. Sort of gives an idea of how you may think when fighting in FFXIII.

    Also, GILGAMESH. It's Gilgamesh enough to actually Gilgamesh! Gilgamesh over and over! GILGAMESH!

    Sorry, Gilgamesh overload.

    Thanks. Yea I remember you. You're the guy who showed me the Twilight Zone episodes.
    I wonder if I can run anything that would allow me to listen to my music while I game?
    Hey dood I got me some HEN on mah PSP so do you have any games you recommend?
    Also is Hen the equivalent of CFW?
    Ivalice might be the best sub-series. 8D

    I'm "fighting" the Garuda. It's weak against Dark, but then again, it one-shots a party member with ease.

    And I can't believe I have to go all the way back through the Westersand to get my Eksir Berries to kill the Garuda.
    You'll never complete the Compilation. MWAHA!

    Have fun with FFIX. You'll love it. I played it, and beat it - it's awesome.

    I just beat a semi-boss at the Westersand, really a tough enemy. It was an Emeralditan. When I killed it, everyone cheered me like I had prevented an asteroid from being rammed into the planet! xD

    By the way, I'm taking some strategies against the Demon Wall (really afraid of fighting it).
    Well, be happy with VS. : )

    Still, what have ya been doing lately? All I've did was read on Ivalice stuff and play FF12.
    Tried the Quickening thingy. Well, it worked. Currently at the Westersand.

    By the way, ever played Chrono Cross? It's a damn fine game.
    Dewd... my arms hurt. Just got back from the hospital. Almost went insane today.


    Whoever designed that motherfucker's boss battle should die.
    I can't say much. Haven't played Vagrant Story yet.

    You know what would be great? Marche Radiuju vs. Delita Heiral.
    Well it doesn't help I'm still at the Estersand with Basch.

    But so. You know what would be great? An Ivalice crossover game.
    The only logic about this match-up is that Gabranth killed King Raminas and Reks. Done.

    Since each character's going to have two alternate outfits, I'm seriously starting to believe that Vaan's third outfit will be his Tactics A2 one.
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