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  • I'm really hyped as well! Just gotta wait until e3 now. :D
    I'm doing fine! How about you?? :)
    In terms of games, I’m really looking forward to Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ. :D Nothing else (except KH3 of course!).

    Yeah, I agree. I also always look at spoilers xD And I like everything so far
    Aw, my vacation wil be over soon as well (on thhe 8th). Ooh, nice, getting some money can’t be wrong. Make sure to still study enough for university tho! :p YES, KH3 coming out next year still blows my mind. Have you seen the leaks yet?
    Heeey!! Nice to hear from you again! :D
    Merry holidays to you too! I'm doing fine, nothing to complain about. What about you? :D
    I still can't believe we'll actually get KH3 soon... xDD
    That'd be cool! Looking forward to your opinion. :)
    I'm happy you're doing well! :D

    Oh, I can imagine. School started for me this week, so I know how you (will?) feel.. xD
    Everything's been pretty okay for me as well. I'm doing fine. :D Started a new fanfic here and am planning the story a bit more right now, plus drawing some stuff. ^^' So that's nice I guess.
    I loved it toooo <333 :D
    Yeah, the endboss was really poorly designed. :/

    Oh, it's an Anime? Then I'll start watching it right away! xD I was actually looking for Animes to watch, I already opened kissanime, lol.
    Sounds nice!

    I actually started a KHUx Fanfiction. :D
    It's going okay, I just can't update rn lol
    My break is also over next week xDD

    Have you played 0.2 yet? What do you think about that one? :D

    Oh, D.Gray-man? I don't know what that is, lol… what's it about?
    Yeah, I'm fine. Glad you're doin okay as well!
    Don't miss any chests in DDD xD
    Happy new year xD

    My exam period will be beginning Monday so....... :'D gonna learn quite a bit as well. Really not motivated at all tbh
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