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  • You should have tried to plan some things out, then you'll realize that you can only plan some and others have to flow (like life; you can't plan it out, but you can create expectations from it, what you want).

    Accounting is really something that has employment. Even with a low salary, taxpaying season is quite the feat. :v
    What are you referring to by going with the flow?

    Oh, pfft. It's perfectly normal to not expect a few to no things at all (how old are you?).

    Yeah, I just got through this, really. I had political aspirations for my country. I even planned things out (setting up my life before my career). Then my interests of becoming a prosecutor came back, and since over here that's a political post, it got me even more delusional. Then I talked with my mother, she burst my bubble; That's for people without emotions. You have initiative. Then I understood that, even though a country may be progressing, somehow, someone, is winning money. I envisioned myself in politics helping people 100%, not by winning for myself and everyone, but wining for the people. After a long day of thinking that I lost interest into what I like to do (Accounting), I understood that, politics weren't my thing, but doing good is my passion. I thought politics was my passion, but then I evaluated this and realized that, mysteriously, I never studied politics and understood them, and it's because I've never thought of thinks from a political point of view, but from a good person point. I presented myself a subject and I chose the correct answer.

    In summation;
    My passion is doing good all along, not politics, lol.

    Another issue I had was that I deduced my life. Oh hey, I don't have a problem finding a man attractive, does must mean I'm gay! But oh, wait! I've done this before and have fallen in love thrice with females! After constants thoughts, I realized I was deducing my life, and every time I deduce something, it's wrong. The last thing I deduced was my political interest, and you can see how that turned out, lol.

    In summation;
    I realized my error in deducing my future and am letting my life flow waiting for life to fulfill my expectations (fall in love in university, get married, have kids, get a job related with Accounting, become a Certified Public Accountant, get a Master's Degree, a Ph. D, and if possible, form an Accounting Solutions establishment with mah bro).

    So yeah, you're not the only one with problems, lol.
    I was referring to the part of that being the voice actor, though (which I'm thinking its fake). =/
    I asked Wehrmacht to change it. I had it changed to Dr a long time ago since that what all my other accounts are (since Hillboy is usually taken) but it was a bad idea since it wasn't as "neat" looking
    You haven't been listening to all of Eminem's newer stuff, have you? He's calmed down a lot, and I think I enjoy the yelling and emotion because it's different than all of the emotionless rappers with bad generic lyrics about gang lives they haven't lived.

    I can afford the guide, but I want to save up enough money so by the time Dream Drop Distance comes out, I'll get Kingdoms of Amalur, it's guide, and the guide for Dream Drop Distance, so I'll have more to do at one time further in the summer when I have more free time.
    Probably to relieve his anger, and he's the most passionate, emotional rapper I've ever heard.

    I've been trying to get work and saving up money for this and this.
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