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  • YEAH.

    OMG. yeah that was my friend nicolle. i remember your picture!! you look like my brother. =w=

    you were just like ):< so i was like oh god someone on the internet is angry with me

    run for cover
    HAHAHA unluckyyy kiddo. i think i start later than most kids and shit because a) england starts later than america around about 3rd september, b) i'm at college and we usually start a few days later, c) i'm in my second year and we start later than first years and d) the results release day got pushed back so enrollment was pushed back so start of term got pushed back. all for it, i say. your timetable should be fine. if its any consolation i start at 9am and finish at 4:30 with 4/5 lessons a day each lasting 90 minutes with hardly any time for relaxation and shit, then i get a tonne of homework on top of that and to cap it off i gotta do 20 hours of extra study a week. think yourself lucky. i manage my languages easy. like really easy. one, i'm french and it's my first language so french class is easy. two, i have a natural flare for languages where i look at it and pick it up really quickly and don't ask me about that becuase idk how the hell i do it, i just do. spanish is a pretty easy language once you get used to it and italian's a lot like spanish. i figured i'm gonna go into languages and do a french major spanish minor BA combined honours degree for four years at university when i'm 18. get a year working and studying abroad for free and everything.
    mang second year of college starts sep 14, not hyped at all. signed up for another course so i'll be doing five college courses and should be out by the time i'm 18 next year. doing physics maths french spanish italian, aren't i good.
    I added ya.
    says you're offline.

    oh ho ho
    Lawl. Do you have MSN?
    Lets be artists, and talk this over some good e-coffee and croissants.

    While discussing imaginary politics and comparing artistic techniques.

    oui oui?
    Speaking of which, you don't even LOOK your age.
    That's kinda what's blowing my mind.

    And yea, you'd totally get a modelng contract here. Most likely with Ford Models. Unless Dior or D&G get's a hold of you first. Americans would love you. But don't get cocky :v

    As long as you've got abs, you'd be all good.

    Haha. I think I've hit jackpot.
    I'm also a designer as well.
    oh ho ho ho ho.
    Lol. I JUST noticed that as your location, love.
    That basically means you're about 65% hotter than the old queen's children.

    And you totally should visit.
    You'd get mauled by girls complimenting on your eyes/lips/body/accent, etc.

    You should model, btw.
    lawl. You're in England?
    go europe go. haha.
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