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  • Oh, hey, ex-Jesus, good to see you again!

    I've got a question: Would a screenshot Let's Play thread be acceptable in the Video Games forum?
    Not my FC; my Facebook page.

    I don't use it much, and I came across that "What Others Think Of You" thing and hated the answers and they were all from my friends. ;_;
    I just saw your FC. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend. :c

    As for FB... I'm seriously considering closing my account. xD
    Dawwww ;w; So cute! :D

    The uniform looks good on you!

    Edit: ashdjfhajdhaf Transparency fail DX

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    ...if you like it so much I just might make it your official position.
    It appears that we are the Mog-Keys of the RoL and RoD respectively.

    I consider you my brother, MickMog. <3
    Thank you for waiting! :D

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    The dumper I used to extract the files dumps the models, and animations, and some other things that I'm not quite sure of ^^ There are a lot of repeat models, say, for KH2 for example, I found 20 or more of the same low poly Sora model they use for battle xD
    Ah, sorry, but may I ask you to wait a couple of days while I sort out the XXX files dumped from the game and look for the proper models?
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