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    For all you KH2 nerds ;)

    KH2 passion theme in english
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    "I hate mondays"

    I've gotten a ridiculous amount of PM's on the animation in my sig entitled "I hate mondays" and how much everybody loves it. So to answer you all (your prayers that is) YES you can take it at will. :) have fun with it. How many PMs you ask?. I don't know...about 80 or somethin XD
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    You want funny?, I'll give you funny be afraid.
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    I'm leaving...nah just kidding Happy :D

    Happy to Zora Keyblade (it was yesterday but I wasn't here) congrats and hope to see you have many in the future mate ;)
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    Happy Voodoo

    best wishes from yours truly >.>
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    Cool screenies of DOA's 4's hidden character... enjoy :)
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    Roflmaoxdxdxd Must See
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    This skelenten rules! :D :D :D
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    Poke the ickle penguin >_< XD Well I think it's cool :D
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    2000 posts congrats Muffin!

    Congrats mate I thought I'd celebrate your success ;)
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    "too sexy for the Rp too sexy for the rp too sexy for the rp Please stop asking me! I'm, too sexy for the rp too sexy for the rp you can't have me! I'm too sexy for the rp so sexy it hurts I'm too sexy for your games too sexy for your games So sexy it hurts I'm too sexy for this stuff too...
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    I love Midnighter

    I luv midnighter so much ONE11! I wanna meet this person and give them a big hug! anyone share my feelings? o.O
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    KH i guest map :)

    Zoom and and place and icon! :)
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    The demented cartoon movie

    My only comments are: Get comfortable and make sure you're prepared for the hillarity The demented cartoon movie
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    Post Your Im Pranks! :d

    I got my matte with this one, I sent him a bot and he though it was a horny gal lol :D. If you wanna know how to do this gimme a shout over a PM anyway heres the Convo: *BEGIN Chat* xxminimexx683(6:58:33): Is this Chris I love you azn nguyenr(6:58:48): i love you too azn nguyenr(6:58:50): you...