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Recent content by Gaulet

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    DBZ Budokai Series

    I thought the games were awsome specially all the game difficulty modes and characters. I like how there is more to it and fight Broly and Cooler during the shows that never talked about nor showed. My fav boss is ought to be Broly I mean look at the size of that dude....Damn! He is all buff and...
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    What is your favorite Keyblade?

    What is your favorite Keyblade? Mine would ought to be Lion Heart cause it looks cool but I dont care how strong the weapon is but it is cool.
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    What path did you set?

    In the beginning of the game you pick your path, be selection what you want and what you want to give up.(sheild, sword, and staff) What was yours? Mine was The sword and gave up staff.
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    I am new and Im cool

    Hey whats up I am new and love the KH Series and FF.
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    Resident Evil Series

    Man these games are so awdome and so much info for each character and stuff, and really good storys. I personally like RE 4 probably my favorite. I made this thred to disscus any Resident Evil game and espicially RE5 I wont all info as possible. Anybody know anything about the game or want to...