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  • Trust me I can care less, the negative 5 points didn't a damn thing :p
    Oh brownies :O~ <333
    Ragnarok is a bitch.
    Don't worry about it.

    Anyway, I'm making brownies to quench my need for sugar. :<
    Ragnarok, I closed a thread a tad too early and I didn't edit my post.
    I informed him of his mistake but to no avail, this was some time ago however so I don't care anymore.
    I want to close all of them to be honest >:I
    But alas I assume I would get nega repped or complained to.

    Oh and does pizza count?
    That much is true, very true in fact; and with the KH sections it's the manifestation of stupidity itself.
    Ok, I'll try to not dwell on it too much, though I'll give a thread a chance if it has one.

    I use the "3 strikes" for the most part.
    Well not me specifically but I did over hear him say something like, "the new mods are quick to close these threads ;-;" meaning all of us really. So I opened it back up, only to be close by him minutes later XD;
    Yup, there's a giant sea of black in that section o_O
    But at least I got your support ;3 not so sure about Audo though.
    Honestly I would close the thread, but I am wary of doing so.
    I've had to close at least 20 threads in the last 4 days O_O;;

    Just waiting for the right time to, but if it gets out of hand one more time it's over.
    Yup, I love the holidays! I always try to do some fun activities too. One year I made a Gingerbread House (I was bitter about it though because my little brothers ate the candy on the house I worked so hard on -_-) and I might make one again this year. I also try to decorate our home on the inside if I can. We might get a Christmas Tree this year but nothing is for certain right now.

    I hope you have fun tomorrow. It must nice to see your Dad again. :thumbsup:
    I'm looking forward to the Holidays. I love being around my family. And it's always nice to have a good meal. I'm helping my Mom cook tonight. We got the Ham yesterday and the rest of the food. We already started Christmas shopping. We wont be able to get much for Christmas, but it will be more than we had last year. My little brothers almost didn't receive any presents. :sad:
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