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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Vol. 3 out soon?

    booksamillion.com says december 2009
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    KH: 358/2 Days RACE!!!

    i hardly played it yeasterday idky but im on day 77 i plan to get to 100 somthin 2night well after school im in art class tonight
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    Does BBS?

    Does Birth By Sleep use cards or not?
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    How many of you are buying BBS?

    So are you all buying Birth by sleep when it comes out?
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    Which camera setting do you use?

    my l and r buttons dont work so i have to use the touch screen
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    The Official "Days is Released so Post Here About that Fact" Discussion Thread.

    im getting it in 40 minutes after school im in art class right now and i am so bored i cant wait im running to the car and get my game (i hope my mom got me the strategy guide :) )
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    How many?

    Is there over an hour of cutscenes in this game?
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    How many hours?

    How many hours do u think it will take to beat the game?
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    Wayne Allwine tribute in Days

    awww nthats so sweet that they did that R.I.P
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    Single or Multicard?

    its multi-card :) im not quite sure im really positive its multi card though
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    Shipping time

    You people shouldnt be lazy just go to the store and buy it (no offense anyone :) )
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    Who else has.....

    Who else besides me has to go through a whole school day tomorrow before you get 358/2 days?
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    Does Target???

    does anyone else know if the slip case comes with it if you preorder it at target?
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    Does Target???

    Do the reserved copy of days come with the slipcase if u pre-order it at target?
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    358/2 Days - Best Buy Limited Edition Packaging

    does target give away the slip-case with the game?