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    Hetalia Axis Powers

    I'm surprised I didn't find any thread on this. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hetalia Axia Powers is Himaruya's online manga series (and also anime next year), which indeed, tells about countries and their history. Its not a history lesson though. Big difference is, that countries have turned into...
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    Snow Queens Dance

    I wanted snow. I wanted winter. So I drew her: WIP Snow Queen by ~Hai-kara on deviantART Comments, suggestions, anything? Also, I'm wondering what I should do for the background. I was thinking of some winter-themed creatsure (no snowyet thnxbai), like reindeer, and somw wintery background...
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    Why Diz wanted to...

    ...dispose of Naminé? He seemed to know that Naminé was Kairis nobody, then why he wanted to Riku to destroy her? And why did Riku let her go (in one of the scenes in FM+)? I've been wondering this for a while... First I thought it was because he wanted revenge to Organization XIII, but Naminé...
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    Your most gross Kingdom Hearts situation?

    Well I wasn't sure where to put this, if this is a wrong section, don't flame please. So like the title says, most gross KH related situation ever? I can give you an example, and this really did happen. Theres a boy who used to stare at me all the time, and I hated it so much.. hrr.. On the...
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    A demo for 358/2 Days in JF2008!

    And it has own website too! But its only in japanese (surprise, surprise) KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days The demo will include single player and multiplayer mode! Oh how I wish I'd had born in Japan right now =.=
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    Does FM+ work in Playstation 3?

    I heard this from my friend, and I want to know if its only a rumor. so, does the FM/FM+ work on PS3 without moding PS?
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    The Plutos Letter - Just Found Out Something

    No, I'm not wondering what that letter contained, I just think I know who it was meant to. If you don't know what I am talking about, its the final scene in KH 1 where Sora, Donald and Goofy ran after Pluto, who had letter (with Kings seal) in his mouth. I guess they never cathed him, since the...
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    Dalmatians 70, 71, 72....

    70, 71, 72 Halloween Town, Guillotine Square, gray pumpkin. Need Glide ability. Me and my friend tried our best to get there, but we couldn't... I have glide, and highjump and all... Where should I start gliding and where am I supposed to glide? I hope you understanded what I meant. ^^''