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  • Haha well that's great :D Let me know if you ever need help again, or if you just want to talk. I'll be up for that.
    Hey. For the Phantomtail, only go for its tail, as the name hints I guess haha. But only go for its tail, otherwise it'll continually warp away.

    I strongly advise using an Aerial Gear (Not the official name, but it's the one that works exceptionally well in the air).

    I would get it down to the last layer or two, and then limit it away.

    Sorry I couldn't go more in depth, I didn't have trouble on that one so I never had to adjust anything. But that's what I did and it worked well, hope I could help. Good luck! :D
    aww, that sucks, I went closer to the canada day fireworks than i usually did and shreiked everytime there was a big one
    I like your sig, It's especially funny for me since once in a school play I was Tinman... or Tin Woman... lol
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