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Recent content by FrzKnight

  1. FrzKnight

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Breath of Darkness

    I know they mentioned that darkness can take the form of humans, but to me, this cutscene made it seem like Darkness IS Ava
  2. FrzKnight

    Pre-order KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory now!

    I'm not sure how this works, but neither final fantasy XI and XIV is available in my country's Steam, and it seems the only Melody of Memory that's in the PS Store for me right now is the chinese/korean version, so is possible that this means my country can't have any online-english square enix...
  3. FrzKnight

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    yeah, that's what I meant too, I think it would be okay to do it, because it makes sense for a final battle
  4. FrzKnight

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    I wouldn't call it an Endgame ripoff, because naruto did it first
  5. FrzKnight

    News ► The final trailer for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has been released

    is it available to preorder from ps store already? All I could find was the chinese/korean version
  6. FrzKnight

    SPOILERS: How Are We Supposed To Feel About Yozora?

    I wouldn't really mind if they made Yozora the main protagonist of the upcoming saga, because I just want Sora to get his happy ending, then if the series ever gets politic-driven, Sora (and the other characters so far) wouldn't be involved