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    REPO! The Genetic Opera

    vClick zeh link.v REPO! The Genetic Opera - A Rock Opera / Movie Musical This looks so bad ass. I went to Rocky Horror (at my local fine arts/movie theatre) on halloween, and saw the trailer before the previews. It's a horror, sci-fi MUSICAL! How much better can it get? It's only playing...
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    What happened to Kite? (.hack)

    POSSIBLE SPOILERS! So I've watched .hack//ROOTS and am currently playing G.U. I now what's happened to Kite's avatar, but what happened to the actual player from the first four games? I know it's a somewhat stupid question, since YOU'RE supposed to be the player, but the only cameos I've seen...
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    Music won't come out. >.>

    Yeah, I'm a newb to winamp. I played a video earlier today, and now I want to listen to music, but the sound will not come out. The speakers are hooked up properly and they work, because when I turn them up, I get the usual loud 'shchcshsh' sound. xD I basically came to the conslusion that it's...
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    Gunslinger Series by Stephen King.

    Well, this is the series that Stephen King has created, telling the tale of Roland and his friends Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy, making there way to the Dark Tower. I stopped reading it at four, and have just started back up with number 5 "Wolves of the Calla" which is an amazing book so far...
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    If anyone cares =D

    I'm out yo. Things have arisen in life. I'm leaving for vaction in the morning, and after that, I'm getting a job. I'll barely have time to get online, and may be able to get on AIM once in a blue moon, but forum life= over for now. Plus, I'll have time to spend with actual friends! OMG...
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    More X-Men Movies Confirmed!

    Source: MovieBlog
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    The Depp/Gackt/Miyavi Aurgie Fanclub

    Yes, I intentionally spelled Orgy wrong. This is where we drool over real people. xD Any man, or woman, you think is smecksy, this is a fanclub for. Also, you may speak of any hawt celebrities of course. like Johnny, and PoTC2 Whatever you please, as long as it's about hawt, real people <3...
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    Rough Tough FF IX Monsters

    I'm in dire need of leveling up. Can anyone pinpoint some good spots to level up my party? I'm at lvl. 39, and need to level up so I can defeat the Earth Shrine God. It's mostly because you only have Zidane and Quina in your party at this time that makes this battle tough -_o If you know of...
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    The Kingdom Hearts II Manga

    Click Me! Click Me Also! Here it is! The KH II Manga! Feel free to discuss. If this has already been posted, whoops, don't post then.
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    //.{Studying Through the Dark}.\\- [An Ienzo Tale]

    Beware, this fic may contain spoilers, due to elements from the secret ending possibly coming into play during the story. This is a story about Ienzo, Zexion's whole person, before he was betrothed into the world of the Organization, and Nobodies. Ansem's studies of Darkness will come into play...
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    The Fat Bandits/Goddess of Fate Cup

    In round 5 or 6 I believe, is where I am stuck. I'm wanting to beat this cup so I can get the last Orichalcum+ for Sora's Ultima Weapon, but can't seem to get past this timed round with the bandits. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, and sorry if there is another thread about this...
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    Trinity Limit, why won't you work?

    So yeah, I'm at the 'Mysterious Org. Enemy' battle in the second episode of, Land of Dragons. The strategy guide suggested I use Trinity Limit, but when I run up to him, no triangle button shows to indicate when I am to use it. So what I'm looking for is either a staight up answer as to how I...
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    Excel Saga

    It seems I always post the not mostly known animes...oh well.. ^-^ ------- This anime is about the secret organization of ACROSS trying to take over the large city of F in Japan.The anime is named after the main character Excel, who is the complete opposite of what her name means. It tells the...
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    Trinity Blood

    Has anyone heard of this? It's not out in America yet, the website had the first three episodes for download, and my friend downloaded them. After watching them I really want the series. It's so good! It's about vampires, and vampires that feed off of vampires!! woo!! well if you know about this...
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    Final Fantasy: Unlimited

    Has anyone ever watched it? It an anime with some FF aspects. I have the first DVD, and was wondering if the story gets any better? I like it somewhat, how they even play the battle music when a battle is over, and they play the chocobo song when the chocobo shows up. The story lacks right now...