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  • yeah thats what i mean,you already beat em so,no matter how many times you play em again,you already know whatss gonna happen and thats kinda boring,but idont know whats gonna happen so ill feel excitement,see mistery,susprise and a whole lot of things,that you now cant feel,there are you jaelous now??xDD,so what lurv and luvs means?
    let me get this straight do you hate kairi??and i cant wait to play them,beat them and then mock you around with all the things i that i finally get to see about khI,II,besides arent you a little bit jaelous that you cant feel this...new thing im gonna feel when i get to play it,cause i got like three new games to play khi,khII and kh recom
    White chocolate is not chocolate, it's better. And for the record, Zexion rocks. He looks emo, but he's not emo. And he plays mind games, including puzzles. Of course, Axel nearly killed Namine, which makes him about as cool, Lexaeus has a huge Tomahawk, you know. WHat does Vexen have? A shield. Not even an offensive weapon, a shield.
    hey is not my fault that i just played kh com in gba and like three years later i find out that there were more kh games in PS2,now im getting some cash together,im gonna buy the whole thing so that you cant throw that in my face everytime you want
    Of course he doesn't, he's not an experiment gone wrong. He's a super awesome choclatey deluxe super Nobody. And he can copy Vexen's attacks and kill him with his own weapon. Now then, you are cool. You know that? You can uphold an argument in a totally random way. WHich is all you need to do here.
    Zexion has a book. He pwns Vexen any day. And besides, Vexen has a creepy ass Japanese Laugh. Which is not good.
    No prob.

    I've been through the same thing...one epic battle, and then the next you get completely pwned. D:
    Not all of them are strangers...
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