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  • To a Japanese woman, a woman that is descendant to Japanese or she wanted to move to Japan.
    Well, since you inputted in the location that you live in Japan, I assumed that you must have known. I'm guessing you're having trouble with Kanji, correct?
    Hey, heads up, when responding to a VM on your profile page, click on the member who sent you the message and write your response there so they can get a notification that you said something back :)
    hi, welcome to the forum. My name is Xiolio, I've been here ever since the fourteenth of December. I am glad you decided to join.
    So where are ya from and I would like to hear it. But you should go to me and post what you want to say not on your own.
    Hahaha, I live in Japan but I am not Japanese, I moved here a few months ago... it's a long story which I will tell you if we become good friends and more importantly if you even want to hear it lol! Although, most Japanese people can read English just not speak it!
    So your from Japan yet you can read what I'm typing? I'm from the US. AKA to the rest of the world the dumb-ass fat country. Assholes.
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