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    Namine's fault?

    If Namine haden't interfered with sora's memories then would Roxas and Xion still excist? Hoe different do you think things would be? If any..
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    Kingdom Hearts 3DS and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded are they different games?

    Here is a question that should be more than obvious but me being me I don't really understand are Kingdom Hearts 3DS and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded different games? The "KH3D Nintendo Power Interview! " Confused me were it read "We understand that Re:Coded has a secret ending exclusive to the DS...
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    His eyes couldn't lie

    SO I'm sure we all know in Kh2 Riku wore a blindfold . But I want to know why? I didn't get it when Sora asked and Mickey said "His eyes couldn't lie." I am like what dose that mean?! I have been wondering for a while now...
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    How close were Ansem and Ienzeo really?

    Hey so you all know how Ienzeo is Zexion's somebody right? And how Ienzeo was really close with Ansem. So do you think Ansem felt any sadness when Zexion fadded away?
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    Who is 'you guys'?

    QTp9f3x7iBA Around 3:09 i think Axel says "Wait I'm enjoying this. You guys really are somthing else." My question is who is "you guys"? Sora?
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    The better half, Sora or Roxas

    Who do you think is the better half Sora or Roxas. I think Roxas is. He just seemed better to me. But what do you guys think?
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    Cloud or Zack?

    Who do you guys like better Cloud or Zack? Me myself no doubt Zack!