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  • Why can't these things just come out in English!?

    Seriously, would look so good on my shelf xD
    Hey, having no life turns out to be pretty fun sometimes xD

    *rushes off to read novels!!*
    I HAVEN'T read the novels actually! I guess I should get to doing that, hmm? :>

    I've read what they have of the manga tho...the levels of cuteness it holds is pretty murderous ._.
    xD Thank you for your support.

    I know the chances are slim but I hope it at least becomes sorta canon sometime in the future >.>
    I like your Signature. I also liked Days. I'm sick of all the people that don't because of whatever reason.
    Oh yeah? xD Me too! Ever since Days I've just been an endless torrent of Rokushi fanart and fanfiction and gushiness x3

    Which I guess is rather unbecoming of a male but whatever >.>
    xD I got all of the challenge sigils on it...I spent about 4 hours doing the stupid boss fight in neverland trying to not miss three of my attacks.

    I was either just very ocd about it, or crazy.

    Yeah, I'm crazy. >>;

    Derp, have you played recoded by any chance? I didn't like it as much as days but it was pretty fun.
    Needed more Roxas x Xion xD
    Lol Personaly i liked the whole game, next time trian or space it out cant win? take a break and play later
    ...Well, except for those goddamn bosses.

    That's like 12 hours of my life I'll never get back.

    Goddamn coffin spider, ruining my day...
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