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  • It is considered spam, but It's okay, I deleted it for you.

    Don't advertise other sites, alright?
    Well, from my last post. We had a ball game and we lost( I really cant move in the game well when she's looking and this not the reason why we lost, really....) She greeted me before the game and told me she will be watching. After the game before I left, she held my hand and said It was fine That we lost and maybe we'll do better next time.....and she leaves....damn
    Ah yeah.

    Hmm... well I deleted them, but I thought the reasons why I deleted them would still remain. Majority of them are a page back now for me
    I can't say I do... You sure it was me that asked? Oh wait... wait wait wait... The Mewtwo and Charizard etc getting lit up infront of you? That was rather depressing ;-;
    And the messages still stay up on mine, or at least, where I've deleted them
    Yeah... Do they show up on mine? I doubt it but yeah... Hmm... I don't recall seeing this depressing story XD
    Hopefully after this time, he will be IP banned, so we won't be seeing him unless he gets a new computer etc.
    All it is is a spammer from about this time yesterday that Zero Inferno and I, along with others had to put up with, and this is... the fifth account that they've made nows
    Oh thanks for noticing; it's about high time I stopped being fair with members that have made these kinds of mistakes. Honestly she had it coming, she's done this before, not exactly in the same matter but has spammed and what not like this. I had to put an end to it, most of it was based on built up anger and releasing that anger in the proper place was what I did; I'm glad I did too. I should, then again it would seem like I'm trolling depending on what other communities I got to. Still people need to wise up and learn that developers don't really care about the fans in such a way; they care but where petitions are concerned its just old news.

    Thanks man, appreciate the thought.
    Oh, thanks, eh I've made a couple of mistakes over the past few days and it's been getting to me :\ But the words of encouragement you just gave did a bit of difference, thank you, I really appreciate it.
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