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  • Hi. I used to be on KH2.net with you and i thought of this account today and came on. Thought i would say hi to one of the last people that i know still comes on to the KH forums
    wow! so really its just random shmandom who gets what when sometimes. and scott pilgrim was amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    haha thats really funnyXD youre ahead of us at all times, yet we beat you to everything^^
    i think youre pretty correct with that there, that does seem to be how it generally is around here, i wonder why though
    Oh, haha *facepalm*
    it may or may not, im not sure, but i never consider the fact online not everyone lives in america
    Ah, you lucky thing you. Haha, well it was pretty amazing! :D Though probably the most expensive play I've seen in a long time...
    I haven't heard of The Dwarves, though given that it's Pinter it's probably fairly... interesting? Haha :)
    Exams are well over now. Only got half a week of holiday left, then back to the books. Wheewhoo! But the sun has finally made an appearance! :D
    I'm guessing by "/b/rother" you mean a 4Chan member?
    If so -- No.
    I've never been to the 4chat website.
    What kind of behavior would that be though?
    Wow thats close! new manga here i come XD

    thats why i like amazon.com, super saver shipping^^ order over $25 worth of stuff and the shipping is free
    "Well, I assume College = Uni..."
    NO SH!T.
    I hate you >.>
    wow thats a crapload of manga waiting!!!!! Yeah im gonna go to walden books and pick up bakuman when it comes out too XD hahaha

    and geez so its almost double our pricing then
    yeah me too, the one im focused on buying currently is d. gray man, love it (since they are so pricy i usually only buy a series or so at a time unless im trying something new)
    And i read Bakuman in Shonen Jump too, i like it, sadly they were only preview chapters and shonen jump isnt putting anymore in the magazine:( guess thats ho theyll force me to spend moremoney on the graphic novels
    i hate not having internet :( and haha wow

    i know it can be frustrating reading manga online... i get shonen jump every month, but they dont have all the manga i like
    ha i dont have internet at my house, thats why im hardly on

    and i know!!! alot of times online versions suck, but so does waiting
    ha yeah i did both^^ but now we csn keep this going, even if you go to sleep we'll be able to talk manga unfairness and such when we both get back on
    Haha, we studied Theatre of the Absurd tooo!!! Totes my favourite. But we did look at Waiting for Godot (and Ionesco's The Chairs) which is pretty much why I'm so super keen to see it. Haha :) Yeah, poor student lifestyle up here too, but somethings are worth it? Hopefully! Ah well. We shall see!
    Hope your study is going well, must be exam period? Unless you design students don't have exams...? o.o
    Oh dear, all these kids and their new fangled electric heaters... Wow, I'm so lame. Haha! You're from Wellywood? Dude, I'm totes going down that way next month! Waiting for Godot isn't coming to Aux so I've got an excuse to bum down to you lot for a day :) I rather like Wellington, the wooden bridge by the waterfront is awesome.
    A strom's just blown in up here. No thunder or lightening yet but a looot of rain. Yay for electric blankets! :D
    Why hello thar :) I rather recognize yours as well, which I'm pretty sure makes us something awesome. Like an elephant, but less grey. Maybe. Haha, yeah, good times at the Campfire! Which I'm sure won't be the same without our lot. Is it even still active?
    Yesh. So, I'm good! Yourself? I just remembered you're a kiwi too (and checked your info so I didn't look like a dick if I was wrong...)! Whoop whoop! Hope the weather's not as bad where you are as it is in Aux!
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