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Recent content by fiendnuggets

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    Which world are you the most anxious to play in KH2?

    Twilight Town and Deep Dive are the two worlds I cant wait to see
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    Acoustic KH songs!!!

    Wow, I love that version of With or Without you :: pictures Kairi and Sora together as the song plays :: That would be great
  3. F

    Which One Seems Better?

    Im very interested in Roxas' story but as for battling, all you need to do is see the old trailors for KH2 to know that Soras new fighting is gonna be intense
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    Jesse McCartney as roxas

    I didnt know either but I googled him and went to his website...his music is horrible. However, there was a small sample of his talking voice though that I figured was more than acceptable for Roxas. EDIT: Sorry about the double post it wont happen again. Figured another person had posted on...
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    Jesse McCartney as roxas

    couldnt have said it better myself
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    English KH2 Ultimania?

    Whats the Ultimania about? Is is just the story of the game?
  7. F

    About Roxas' English Voice... ^^;

    Sounds pretty good to me. I dont really care who does the voices as long as they fit the character. Mandy Moore, that guy from NSync, this McCarthy character . . . whatever. B-List celebrities just trying to get a paycheck while someone might recognize them
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    Who is girlier???? spoiller lol

    Re: Who is girlier???? Vexen...I think Marluxia is kind of cool despite the flowers. The pink isnt too bad
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    square enix reveals info on NA KH2

    Awesome information! thanks for posting EDIT: extremely annoying if this is a fake
  10. F

    is diz ansem

    Ansem (Diz) did experiments on Xenahort and it gave him amnesia. When he awoke, Ansem was gone and he found Ansems research. He just assumed that he was Ansem himself
  11. F


    Im sure theyll use silver
  12. F

    is diz ansem

    Diz is the real Ansem and the "Ansem" from KH1 is Xenahort
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Yes Larxene is the only female in the Organization
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    What are you most looking forward to do in KH2?

    The whole storyline. I cant wait to see what happens next for Sora, Riku, Kairi and of course the Organization. I cant wait to see the new gameplay and Soras new Drive forms and his new abilities. Roxas' story too. Pretty much the entire game...I want it now
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    Secret Bosses?

    Im all for Vincent being a secret boss in KH2..that would be sweet!! any optional bosses are always welcomed :D