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Recent content by Fatal_Blade

  1. F

    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    Harder, longer, and more worlds.
  2. F

    KH2FM+ on PS3?

    Yeah it's region free except with PS2 since they are region locked.
  3. F

    KH2FM+ on PS3?

    Uh no I PS3 is region free.
  4. F

    KH2FM+ on PS3?

    Yeah, here's the answer again.
  5. F

    KH2FM+ on PS3?

    Well I'm guessing so.......
  6. F

    KH2FM+ on PS3?

    Thats only becasue the coding is region free on PS3. Yes I've tried it on imports, they are region locked like other PS2 games. I don't think so.
  7. F

    KH2FM+ on PS3?

    I don't think so, the coding on the disc is region locked. I've tried it on other imported games.
  8. F

    Hardest boss?

    For me it would be Xaldin.
  9. F

    Anti-Form, useful?

    To me its okay, it has fast attacks and speed. But I can't use magic, heal, or transform back.
  10. F

    Help/Support ► My left hand

    I would get another opinion from a different doctor first before making your final decision.
  11. F

    アリエン weapon design

    Weapon design for an art project I'm doing. Background is finished as you can tell. But yeah any ideas for colors (warm colors)? アリエン is japanese for my name Arien, so I'll just call it that for now XD. Low quality due to no scanner. C&C greaty appreciated. 1 2
  12. F

    HELP ME!

    If you do buy Swap Magic be sure to get the right version otherwise it won't work.
  13. F

    Most fun boss to fight?

    Hmm the last Riku battle.
  14. F


    The attacks aren't that hard and its easy to predict what move he will use next so level 80 should do it.
  15. F

    Lag with Swap Magic

    I use Swap Magic but I don't burn games, so I suggest redoing it.