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  • Same here Math and I have always been enemies, too many formulas and notes to take just to solve one problem.

    I was thinking of a name like Mithos he's a super awesome final boss from ToS for the Gamecube which I've become addicted to playing lol. But yeah I'm still there and everyone except for me and Ultima have joined the new gfx clans that people have started.

    I didn't want to join considering my continuous downward spiral of actually wanting to make anything. Plus I never know when we'll be stuck with a project for school which is never a good thing to just sit and wait for some mega huge week completion assignment to show up.
    I thought I had it bad, but I know how you feel though exams are never something that you actually want to take no matter what the topic is.

    But as for me nothing much just considering a name change which is for real this time but the only problem is its already taken but since the old user hasn't made a post in over 2 years I think I can still have it anyway. Also being on a gfx slump sucks.
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