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  • lol if u did try to work with my dad, if that ever would happen

    my dad would give u a chance cuz he gives everybody a chance.
    Well, when you buy a new car for example, it's always got this smell from the fabric, mostly the seats. D:

    Oh, I miss my old GBA. ;__;
    Haha, really. xD
    Yeah, normally I can't eve take more than a few hours because of that leather smell that irritates me. :/

    The plane has a lot of entertainment, though. xD
    i was cleaning the bushes after they were trimmed, which is harder than trimmiing them.

    i worked five days. paid 5 bucks an hour, 8 hours a day, 40 bucks x 5 = mah 200 yeahhhhhh

    but they're done doing bushes so on Monday i'll start again and help dad wit the trees :D
    ha i'm slightly employed dude. i actually got paid today 200 dollars

    i was like "yeaaahhhhhh"
    Haha, sweet.
    Well, it takes about 14 hours actually here from germany. o.o

    You're missing out, I tell you. xD
    I haven't seen any conventions here yet, though.

    Oh, she knows what we like. xD
    I know what you mean. I did. XDDD But that stinks.
    Yeah...especially if you get to listen to music from different countries around the world!
    Sweet. Then your graduating within the year it ends. Gonna be bittersweet unless you didn't like the school. I know it was for me.
    Actually it's a listening to music kind of music class. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. XD
    Ah I see. You homeschooled or do you go to a school? I forgot. >.<
    Umm.....English and Math college classes and some music class online. So it's going to be awesome.
    Hoho, nice. Got relatives there, I suppose? :D

    I go to Singapore most of the summer holidays to visit my family. The good thing about that city is that it's nice and warm, and that it is rather close to Japan. And that means lotsa beautiful Anime and Manga shops. ;D

    Also, holy crap I love your sig. Bouncy. :D
    Alright that sounds good! :D How do you feel entering Senior year/Grade 12?
    Not really but I'll manage since I'll be taking two interesting classes.
    I was wondering what happened to you!

    like "dude I havent seen this guy walkin around at all... did he quit or something??"

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