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  • Footprints were left behind in the sand. Axel followed the footprints towards an old bush near a waterfall. A burst of heavy wind blew through the vines revealing a small entrance. The wind stopped blowing and the vines went back to their normal spot. Despite, the fire-user’s size he crawled through the small cave entrance.
    Axel was now in a large cave of stone. It was impressive, because of the subtle appearance from the outside, but also due to all the drawings all over the walls. Axel saw a drawing of a spiked haired boy and a girl with short hair feeding each other what appeared to be shooting stars. The redhead’s eyes met a bunch of messy writings. He could make out the names KAIRI, RIKU, & SORA, friends till the end.
    “Roxas, where are you?” asked the redhead to himself. A whirling sound from the far end of the cave caught Axel’s attention. He turned around to see a large rush of colors standing still in a doorway of some kind. “That must be the keyhole of Destiny Islands. I wonder if Roxas used it as a means of escape.” pondered the fire-user to him.
    The blonde teenager sat on a swing in Twilight Town. He watched the sun in the air. It was only 3:30 p.m. here. The blonde held a Sea-salt ice cream in front of him. His blue eyes stared sadly at the frozen treat. “Salty…but sweet.” muttered the blonde a loud.
    “Hey! Why are you doing at the playground, mister?!” asked a loud voice.
    The blonde looked around the green hill to see who spoke. He didn’t see anyone only a bunch of greenery. “I’m done here, idiot!” whined the voice.
    The blonde gazed downward. His eyes were met with two sets of eyes. Both of them were boys. “I’m sorry about that. I just needed to get away.” said the teenager as he got up and let one of the two boys sit on the swings.
    One of the boys sat on the swing that the blonde had sat on. The second boy just stared at the teenager. “You know, you’re a lot nicer than Seifer and his gang. They usually run this park and tell us to go back to our mommies. What’s your name?” asked the second boy.
    “My name, uh, it’s R..Roxas.” said the blonde without thinking.
    “Roxas, that’s a unique name. My name’s Eli, by the way and the kid sitting on the swing is Rico. So, what did you get away from?” asked Eli.
    “Just some crazed people. They keep trying to make me do their bidding.” replied Roxas with a sigh.
    “You know, Roxas, I would never take advantage of people.” smirked the boy as he flipped his curly orange hair to the sides of his round face and tucked a piece of his spiky hair under his turquoise headband.
    “Ha, that’s a laugh, Eli. You’re always getting someone o do your chores. Remember Lucy from school yesterday? You made her do your Algebra homework so that you wouldn’t get in trouble with Mrs. Carl.” laughed Rico as he twisted the chains of the swing and spun around.
    “Don’t go telling everyone about that, Rico.” whimpered Eli.
    “I best be going now.” said Roxas as he was about to leave the two kids.
    He was nearly down the hill until three Dusks surrounded the kids. Roxas hid behind some bushes as he watched a portal of black smoke open up. There stood a familiar sight. A man with blue hair accompanied by three large, lumber-jack characters called Berserkers. The blunette stared at the two boys. “Where’s Number XIII?” asked man.
    “Like we know, X-face!” yelled Eli as he glared at the man’s face. In between his two golden eyes did a large scar resemble an X. He ordered the Dusks to attack the boy. The boy dragged out two Frisbees from out of nowhere. He didn’t do much too any damage to the Dusks, but he managed to get away.
    Saix turned to the other boy. Rico’s lips quivered and his eyes sunk into his head. “Tell me where Roxas is or I’ll turn you a Heartless.” threatened the blue-haired man coldly.
    “I don’t know where he went. If you want to ask anyone about then you’ll have to capture Eli for that. He knows where the boy is at.” said the brunette with fear all over his hearts.
    Saix snapped his fingers and a group of Neoheartless appeared. The Dusks held tightly to the boy’s arms and pushed his chest out straight for the dark creatures to pierce through. Rico yelled, “I thought you were going to let me go. I hate you!”
    The blue haired man just said with a calm stare, “Don’t trust anyone.”
    Roxas watched as the boy’s heart was released from his chest and into the sky. His eyes closed as his body vanished in a fog of darkness. While, Roxas was unaware that a hooded man had teleported behind, until he heard an all too familiar voice call him by his Nobody’s name. Roxas turned around to see the redhead pull down his hood.
    Roxas turned back to the bushes to see that Saix, Dusks, Neoshadows, and Berserkers were gone. “Nice going, loudmouth, you made those guys disappear.” groaned the blonde.
    here it is.
    Do you remember in the Jump Festa trailer 2010, Ansem the Wise said to Aqua that Sora had an ability to connect his heart with anyone. Perhaps, that ability was somehow encoded in Xion. Perhaps, she took on memories of everyone other than Sora. Like in KH2, after Roxas went back into Sora that it was then that people started to remember him, because both Xion and Roxas were gone.

    Hi, it's me. My mom just got home from surgery.
    Yeah, I used to write a funny fanfic of KH CoM about 4 years ago here but I stopped writing.
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