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  • I need help with getting the last of the material logs to complete the lists. I need Lucid Gems, Lucid Shards, Power Gems, Power Stones, and something else.
    Yeah, every culture has different ways of celebrating.

    Like, for example, here in the United States, Latinos have a celebration called Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead in English), where they go to the graves of their loved ones and put their family member's favorite food on their grave. They also build them like a shrine to remember them. And, it's celebrated two days, the first day are for the little kids that have passed on and the second are for deceased adults. It's celebrated on Nov. 1 through Nov. 2. I really wish to go to one.
    Happy Halloween. In the United States, some Christians don't even celebrate Halloween, because they believe it to be the devil's holiday.
    I just got a dog from the pound yesterday. And, for the past few days it has been crazy. First, he escaped from the house and I had to go to the pound to pick him up and the supervisor said if he got out again then I won't get him back. Second, it's been tearing up my bedroom. And, finally, he gets hyper when I give him a bath and he destroyed my sister's homework. What should I do? I can't abandon him and I don't want to turn him over to the pound again.
    I can't say I'm not dissapointed...cause I am...but I guess it is all right I'm just happy I was able to not find out long ago...I mean the game will still be great even if I know that...so dont' feel bad about it. OK? :)
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