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  • shes just so annoying, well like axel and roxas were fine on their own until she came hha roxas started paying more attention to her :( poor axel, poor akuroku haha i just really didnt see the point in her. yeah saix is amazing, yeah kirk thornton is cooL :D not as cool at quinton flynn though, hes like the god of voice acting :D yeah i thoguht both lea and isa were cute in bbs, aww inr :(

    yeaah odin1 thats the one i loved that cutscene i thought it was awesome :D pretty colours :D Yeah i also liked when snow and fang rescued light and hope :) that was cool, i didnt really like snows motorcycle thing, it was a little weird, it was cool though :)
    hehe silly silly :p :D I agree, she is really cool :) Yeah i also liked aqua she was quite cool, aw i forgot about her lols :|

    i really dont like xion :| :/

    Saix is amazing, i love his character, he is adorable :D omg yes i love isa too :D Hehe yes i llike vexen he makes me laugh, he is insane but hey all scientists are :) Marluxia makes me laugh :D i honestly believe he is a girl with a mans voice haha

    I'd prefere xigbar, although i did like braig, hes just cooool kinda thing :)

    haha yes, he does get a little annoying sometimes, but hes okay :) i kinda liked most of the cutscenes, i havnt played it for a while and havnt bought it officially yet so i cant really rmember, but i looved the but they did when lightning summoned that horse thing, i thought that was really cool :D
    haha cool :D:D:D my fav female character is Larxene :D dont really like the other females they kinda annoy me apart from ollete she is kinda cool :) hmm.. saix, xigbar and larxene :D how about u?? Yesss thats what its called :D aww :(
    haha ohhhhh hehe my fav characters from kh r riku and axel ^.^ how about u?? hehe :D yeah i agree, i think kh 2 was MUCH better than kh 1, plus kh 1 was quite hard to control :/

    The bit i got up to was when Sazh and vanille went to that sparkly fun place thingy and then they were running away and fighting the people after them :D lol :D aw vanille was okay :)
    haha yep! i loved it :D i havnt finished it though yet :( i only rented it for a week, but i am gunna buy it soon cuz i wuvved it :D aww, i dont see how they can :( i thought it was amazing, yeah i agree :D haha :D vanille was a little annoying ^.^ she kinda cool though i suppose :) my favs were hope and lighning :D

    haha :D i like best kh2 and com :D also i quite liked 358/2 days, i couldnt see how some people were dissapointed with it :| But my fav is defo kh 2 :) hehe how about u??
    Hey, thanks for accepting ^.^ well, u seamed cool and i liked yer signiture, i really liked that game :) and u is awesome cuz u likes it too :) and ofc kh :)
    Not to cling too much to the novels but even in the novels, Sora was portrayed as clinging onto Sora while Kairi was a means to an end with which to leave the islands :V so I'm believing more and more for it to be intentional.
    And upon replaying KH1's DI... man. Dude. She's a complete bitch towards him. @_@;;; I'm starting to think that when Sora looked surprised when Riku thanked Kairi it was less jealousy they were getting it on and a bit frustration he was being left behind, and more shocked they were getting along >_>;;;
    I mean, Sora himself never really said anything about Riku and Kairi beyond how they both always hung out with him >_>;;; and Riku always included TSW in the bunch as well -_-;;;
    And KH1, well, they were the lone survivors of their world. Notice how after that was fixed, BAM, TSW mean stuff too? Thank you, CoM. Thank you, Coded.
    Kairi. *laughs*

    Namine is the embodiment of Kairi's concern towards Riku.
    That's why she had to have been born from Sora *ggg*
    And as I keep saying, more and more I feel like SRK are intentionally broken. At least TAV had Ven and Aqua interact, even if it was him telling her off about Terra. You felt like it hurt double, both how Terra was hurt and how Aqua was the one who hurt him. SRK on DI? Riku was shooing Kairi away from his property.

    Pfffffft. That's like Rion's crown scene~ of course I'll remember the details *w*
    I'm replaying it and so far I enjoy how she's trying to ditch Riku in every possible way. She effectively told Sora to go ahead on the raft TWICE without Riku, the first time Riku commented on it, and the second time she stated it bluntly herself and had Sora shoot her down.
    Maybe she figured in KH2 that ignoring Riku completely would be the better option to get into Sora's pants...
    I can't even hate her anymore when I see that scene, she's just too pathetic. I mean, I really do feel like she's forcing it on Sora. And with no proper confirmation about Kairi's PoHness being the cause behind her bitchiness and none of the other PoHs acting ANYTHING like Kairi, I can't take that theory seriously anymore either.

    Her forehead, to be precise. When they were in DI, obviously.
    Nah, hardly xD; but everyone were complaining about Kairi hate outside the HC so I created a haven for them. Since the KH sections aren't a haven for anything and if you think they are, you're stupid. So I gave them a haven. Retired and let someone else do it once I saw it was active enough.
    Dude, I hated Kairi since the raft comment o.o unless you consider, like, those ten minutes prior, then no, I was never a fan.

    Well, Roxas, Axel and Riku all held Xion in their arms at one point or another, but Riku's the only one who caressed Xion's face. Then there's the bit where he put his hand on her shoulder and she rested her face against his chest.
    Like I said, sex in KH standards.
    I will give SoKai credit for the KH2 hug but the Rion interaction overall was just fluid and natural. There wasn't the awkward pause with Sora prior, or him keeping away. Rion seem to not mind the physical interaction, like, at all =w= <3

    There's a poll in the Riku fc, yes. A link is available from the club directory.
    I actually was a member when I started playing Days.
    But then Roxas Kairified before my very eyes and having my name on the list made me sick to my stomach xD;;;
    It's like, whenever I think my name'll be on the Kairi FC- *throws up*
    Though I beat them all by being the original founder, do ho ;D

    Only ship her with Riku. RokuShi I at least accept as friendship though unlike, say, SoKai which is just all over the place and she's little more than a name on his 'to save' list. RokuShi had their year together but Xion just connected too much with Axel too and then eloped with Riku for me to take RokuShi romantically.
    That and in terms of KH Rion had sex on-screen. I have a hard time denying that
    Of course! Even non-members are allowed to participate!

    I believe I wrote

    ;3 to be polite and politically correct about not giving a rat's ass about the brat.
    I think a lot of people thought it existed before, lol xD;;;
    And that's alright, I'll add you to a ghost member list *goes to do so* 8D;;;
    *sees you in the RokuNami HC*
    Well, claws were drawn but people cut it shortly before it escalated into anything, thankfully.

    Days, as much as I loved it, lacked two things that BBS had. That much more plot to shove down our throats, and the Mirage Arena. Also, unlike in BBS, RAX were always together because TAV's plot demanded they stayed apart. Then you also have how the Disney worlds were also relevant to both the individual RAX members as well as their duos and trio interaction - because unlike BBS, Days set out to create RAX while BBS told you TAV were best buds and left their development when he gave you their character descriptions at the scenario selection screen.

    I actually liked the gameplay quite a bit, and disagree. Riku's a lot nimbler than Terra (at least judging by Re:CoM and what I hear of 3D's gameplay) and Sora and Ven still, despite it all, are different. I dare say Sora's slower and a bit more strength oriented.
    Aqua's the one I didn't like since I'm more of a physical attack and defense person. Relying on her magic really irked me.
    BBS wasn't SUPPOSED to have all that. It's like the only game in the series that's truly plot oriented. Introducing THREE new protagonists and you expect them to get development on a HANDHELD game? That's like asking for the impossible, seeing the amount of plot and MIRAGE ARENA you needed to shove into the game. It's like a quarter of a PS2 cartridge; it was never meant to be.
    At this point I reached the conclusion that being the least KH-like game in the series, it gets the most love. Aqua in particular being related to no one at all gets the least grief. So what if Xion was a Wielder girl before her? She's a Sora Replica, who cares for her. Derp.
    Wait, I do, hurr durr. So that's why I let Xion faint the same way everyone else lets Aqua faint against Vanitas. EQUALITY I SAY.

    For me, it depends on the character. Like, for Kairi, I'm both. Character overall, I'm a critic. I actually feel for her seeing how badly she's written.
    I'm a hater when they actually manage to let her slide a line or two in and lose by raging.
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