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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    I didn't mind it, I thought it was cute at times and it was a nice change from all the fighting.
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    Just recently I became a HUGE L'Arc~en~Ciel fangirl and I was just wondering if there were anymore fans! ^^ Hyde=teh sex
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    KH2 Lyrics

    Is there a translation for the opening version yet?
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Oh wow, can't wait to see if it's true! Thanks for the info, highly appreciated! ^^
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    1:44 seconds into the songs the lyrics are: Read between the lines Whats F*cked up and everythings alright ^^ I love you Hikki! <3
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    *falls over* Wow. Never thought I'd live to hear, never expected to hear it! O.o I love Hikki, it wasn't bad but just never thought I'd see the day.
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    New Movies on IGN

    Awesome! I started screaming when I saw the battle against Hydra!
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    Are there any new final fantasy people in kh2

    Wait, last time I checked they were Summons. Since when are they not?
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    Just in case anyone believed there is a KH:Remix or Final Mix

    Meh I've never heard of that rumour so I guess I'm indifferent. Maybe they don't want fans to get to suspicious of a KH3.
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    Are there any new final fantasy people in kh2

    Um...there are a lot more than Auron ^^;;; Kinda really old news though.
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    LoL I try! :-p Meh maybe not ban those with spoilers in their sig, how about a temporary suspension until, oh I don't know, say until when the game gets released in America?! O:-) But I kinda do think the titles in the spoiler section should be invisible to everyone else who is not in the...
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    Sora's masculinity

    Um....poor Kairi? LoL It'll probably look cooler in the game
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    Yeah all these spoilers are driving me crazy. It's not just here too, KH LJ communities are making me wanna cry. T_T And I think I just saw a spoiler in this thread so I'm pretty frustrated.
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    What pisses you off?

    The card battling system. End of story. It took me like at least 5 tries to beat Hades and Captain Hook with the blasted things, it was ridiculous. I also hated Sora's final battle. FLOWER POWER TO THE MAX! *cringes* I didn't HATE this but it annoyed me, the end of Sora's story. I just sat...
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    Has anyone heard....

    *Falls over* I wish they would just give us a fskin date so we would all could stop flippin out about every lil rumor!