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    What new world do you want?

    what are u talking about?
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    What new world do you want?

    lol yea. that would be funny
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    What new world do you want?

    lmao yea i wonder how they would work them in the game.(little peoplez) lol that would be osm
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    What new world do you want?

    oh yea lol my bad, i forgot. nvm Pride Lands should be in the game then.
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    Theory regarding Sora and the crown...

    just a idea but sora could be the prince of hearts. because of his love for his friends the key blade chose him right, well maybe who ever holds the key blade is the prince of hearts. or we could be thinking too big. lol that too. does anyone find it weird that the unknows have the same...
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    What new world do you want?

    that would be cool. but i hate the fat rat
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    What new world do you want?

    yea sorta but the fairy godmother said that simba's world was destroyed and simba heart was so strong that it was put into a stone. so idk. it would be cool though. but it would be lame to kill scar.......i think it would be cool if there was a toy story world. weird buy cool.
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    Blonde's name revealed

    lol nice threat monkey jk. thx for the link
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    Kairi, BHK, Sora, and Namine are the related??

    if u watch the KH2 trailer u can see that BHK is in the same place sora was in in the begining of KH, so u know wut, i really dont know anymore..... P.S. does anyone find it weird that the Unknows have the same clothes as mickey and riku. think about that...oh yea nice Sig WhoIsANoBody
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    what dissapointed you about kh2.

    lol yet again....its not out yet......i wonder how many people would be really pissed if KH2 came out and it sucked. lol oh boy what a thought. lmao
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    why do u think that pete is in kh2?

    I agree with UnKownSora21
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    the heartless will stop taking hearts!

    o yea i remember now....duh lol i forgot all about that place{bangs head on desk}....i guess its "good." buts its still "bad" too. See it holds unlimited heartless, but it seals them inside see.....you know what, i really dont know.....
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    Ansem the main villain of KH2? yes or no

    I think he might be the 1st main badguy. But it would be cool if someone overpowered him in the end to rule over all, and then sora would have to stop and even stronger villain then ansem. That would be osm.....but who knows it could just be ansem again
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    the heartless will stop taking hearts!

    lol yea really.....weird.....is there a machine?
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    Blindfold unknown is...

    its most likely Riku, but who knows what unexpecting turns KH2 has....