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    Lea's Best Scene (English)

    Re: Awesome English Scene Maybe so, but I couldn't find the scene with Lea in this particular case.. And if someone was looking for JUST this - why would they want to look through an hour of strung together clips to find it?
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    Lea's Best Scene (English)

    Re: Awesome English Scene Oh sorry - I didn't think about that. My mind has been jelly for the past few days playing KH3D - But I will change the title to "Lea's best scene [English]" If you don't mind x
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    Lea's Best Scene (English)

    Lea gets a Keyblade (English) [HD] - YouTube For anyone interested to see Lea materialize his Keyblade - This is the English one. The first upload on YouTube of the English version of this scene (Yay for me)
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    I just noticed while replaying KH1.. You can clearly see Snow White held in a chamber in Hollow Bastion.. I haven't seen the ending of each princess in Birth By Sleep but is this because Snow White was held captive over ten years by Maleficant.. Or was Snow White and the other princess'...
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    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    Thanks for having me on the links :D Well done to the winner and 2nd & 3rd! xx Edit: Just had a look through.. Wow Tychina's was an amazing runner up IMHO!
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    Ha, told you so.. Well done WarpChaos

    WarpChaos told you so. But noooo if it's not YOUR theory it's wrong. Even if the reason wasn't right, he was still right that Ven's Heart/Soul was put in Sora. This is the part I hate about this forum. Good theories are trashed because the people that post them are new.
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    WarpChaos' Theory

    When I said memories of Sora.. I didn't mean Kairi's memories of Sora.. I meant the memories Of Sora.. Sora's memories. The theory I had must have been deleted then because I know I said Xion was from Sora's leaked memories. Of course Sora has one heart. He is just 'holding' others. Like...
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    WarpChaos' Theory

    My last theory was that Xion was made from Leaked Memories. But of course everyone battered it.. Then when the game came out.. TAADDAAA I was right. And rejecting any theory without consideration is generally stupid anyway. If Sora is this big light magnet then whos to say he can't just...
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    WarpChaos' Theory

    I read WarpChaos' theory recently. I feel at this forum people are not in a position to say someones theories are impossible, especially after my experience of being 100% right about a theory when it was deemed impossible and battered for it. People said there were many holes in WarpChaos'...
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    Expections about the music in BBS

    I totally agree with everyone who has said there is high expectations.. For me the music makes the game. If the game had no music KH would be ruined.. you need that atmosphere in it. After Blue Nocturn's works of the music Nomura should be shaking at the knees. Fabulous job may I just add...
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    KH 2009 hours played

    Ooohh this thread is interesting :P See how much of an addiction we have.. I plan on playing all the games through again before BBS comes out to get the story sorted in my mind. I'll update when I have Completion times :)
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    Ven = Kingdom Key? (358/2 days spoiler)

    I don't think a person can become a keyblade itself.. Maybe a keychain? Like for example.. Tarzan can maybe have some energy to become a keychain.. Not litterally in real time.. But the keychain of the Jungle blade (Forgot name) could be Tarzan's energy.. This is fairly likely in my opinion.
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    Ven IS Roxas

    Cleanup of WarpChaos' Theory. Ven asked to be erased. This is done so by whatever means, and his heart is left 'wandering' maybe. It goes to the strongest and nearest light, Sora. Ven is lying dormant inside Sora's heart. When Sora stabs himself in Hollow Bastion, making Roxas, Ven's heart is...
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    Ven IS Roxas

    Look, honey. Your missing it.. You've skipped person now. He wasn't saying Sora was Ven.. Yes he is saying Roxas is Ven Because Ven embedded his heart into sora when he died. So when Sora Stabbed himself and created Roxas.. It released Vens heart.. By releasing Ven's heart we could suggest...
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    Ven IS Roxas

    You've just said ti yourself. 'Aqua' (THE FIGURE) EXTRACTS the heart.. .. And places it inside Sora. You're avoiding the questions put to you.. How does Aqua have the power to erase Ven then? We know the figure has spiked hair.. I say its Vanitas after removing his helmet. He seems to know...