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  • Yes I've spotted it, but I've also been busy with homework and other roleplays. You may have noticed the redone Halo: Greatest Journey thread, which might be a science fiction RP just up your alley, with exploration and discovery as a focus.

    That tends to happen with roleplays. People change their mind or don't like what they see after the sign-ups are made.
    Well, I was considering it... And still am, I guess.

    Thanks for the heads up, but I'd probably see it anyways.
    I'm reading stuff now, I will be joining but I AMMM busy so, it might take me a little while! Sorry!
    Good to know. I think I'll still keep him as a mechanic on one of the cities though, which would allow him to work in whatever fleet he's part of as one too.

    'Nother question; do Sylphs have beaks? For that matter, talons? And what's the average life span of sylphs?
    Question though:

    I'll likely be making my character a Sylph. You said, in the descriptions page, that they live in vast floating cities. How are these operated? Specifically, is it possible that my character could be a maintenance worker on whatever system keeps the cities afloat?
    Oh, I hadn't seen it; you ought to use bold formatting on the word "HERE" to make it stand out a bit more.
    If I were you, I'd probably either edit your opening post to include the setting information, or provide a link to the setting thread.

    That's good to hear. I'm doing fairly well myself, thank you.
    I might take a break to get a quick something to eat soon, though, since I haven't had much to eat all day.

    If I don't respond to something you post, that's the most likely reason why.
    Oh, hello there, Eventua! How are you doing?

    Is the Sign-Up thread for your RP up and running now?
    If so, I'll head over to the Roleplaying section right away.
    I could, however, a group of individuals, the most important and capable and needed, who move about with the flotilla/clan, but when they need to change their travel methods (take to the ocean/air or change continents) they move to another clan. So instead of a single one moving all over the place there are main ones for each continent, one for the ocean/s and few small ones for the sky, and the individuals move between them. The individuals would be like the leaders or scientists or highly-skilled other sorts of people.

    Kick it off as is, and I'll keep working on something.
    Airships, ships, travelling cars. Anything really, and I'm guessing when the group decides to change the sort of land they're travelling over the magically adept change all the vehicles to a more suitable type.
    Perhaps call in Ashes Remnant. He and I have been known to have a roleplay sorted out in half an hour.
    1 - Okay.

    2 - I'll see if I can do anything. Of course I work best with things totally of my own creation, but it's an extension of that that allows me to work well with what I'm given, too.

    3 - Dunno. It's something I want to see happen as well, but there's currently not enough interest. Perhaps return to that one after this.

    4 - The quantum magic idea was something I came up with for The People's Roleplay anyway.
    I'm sorry, I'm already at my limit. I would if I could but I can't so I won't. HOWEVER, two of my RP's, Primitive and TT:NaW, are almost done. and the OOC for Snowbound isn't doing too hot, so I might join in due time.
    It's aight, but I came up with an idea between when I logged off and when I went to bed. My character's tribe/clan came across something that would later be dubbed 'Silverlake', and upon drinking it, the members found themselves living longer, being healthier, and now able to command their bodies to alter themselves at will, rather than needing something to build off. On top of this, it allowed them to learn to use magic easier. Perhaps Silverlake is a massive pool of nanites, having gathered in one spot on the glove after decades of movement? It doesn't need to be a further-developed plot point, I just want some explanation as to why my character could so easily comprehend magic and alter his body without it's use.

    Well actually he'd be an experiment anyway, since he's helping to work on the development of nanotechnology.

    (You did say that there was technology in that RP right)
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