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  • Sure! If I remember correctly, ThePromise posted an introduction for Aeva's actions a bit ago, so I believe it would be your turn anyway. I'm not too picky, so I'm sure what you have is fine. :) I'm actually heading out and will be back on tomorrow, so that's the earliest I'd be able to check it if you PM it to me. If you want to just post it, I can read it tomorrow and let you know if you need to change anything.

    EDIT: I put in the stage outline that you and ThePromise can go ahead and begin in the Land of Dragons, so the stage is yours. :)
    Not bad, been working on a lot of personal stuff - self-esteem, getting work, social stuff, sorting out life and all that. Also trying to kickstart myself into properly starting to write my own independent stories now. Sorta stuff that's just too detailed and big to be made into RPs.
    hey eva... we haven't talked for a long time and I really miss talking RP's and stuff with you
    I'm afraid I won't be able to participate in TWEWY this time around T_T

    Too much of a tight schedule at the moment, and I'm afraid I'll only hinder you. Perhaps when a slot of time has been opened I could join again? If not, I only wish you the best of luck <3 and perhaps I can RP with you in another one in the Future :3
    Hey miss Eva, would you perchance be able to be tempted into perhaps investigating the TWEWY roleplay in regards to whom particularly is the Conductor/Producer, etc, and edit that gleaned knowledge into the appropriate post of the signups thread? Thanksies.
    Wow. That thing really is addictive! I forsee myself spending a lot of time on that thing.
    hey Eva... I plan on starting a Final fantasy Remake RP check out the sign ups when I put it up.
    Okay, if you say so... I look forward to roleplaying with you. Well, we were in one together before, but our characters never met and it's currently on hiatus and everything and...

    ...I'll just go before I stick my foot further into my mouth.
    Reading through the digimon thread, I just realized you had reserved the color pink. I am sorry. Would you like me to change my color to something else so you can have pink back?
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