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Eternal Dream
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  • I just finish ending the argument in an awesome, court like manner and then I post and see a big post from you...

    ho hum.... back to the editing board.
    I started writing when I was in third grade too! although i've only been rping for maybe a year..
    This college that i've been looking at has this book called 'paper wings'. Its got samples of short stories, poems, art and essays written by student who go to the college. Its really cool!

    Music's important for my writing as well. It gives me ideas or helps me identify with my characters (depending on if and how the song relates to one of them)
    I wanna be a professional writer as well. How are you going to go about it? I was planning on going to college and majoring in English. Do you have any stories or anything up online anywhere?

    and that sounds good, the more the merrier! How long have you been rping?
    Dream. Gotcha. sorry bout that. and its fine, better to take a little longer and then provide good material than to rush through and provide lame material. I like all three of your temps and i'm excited to see your opening post! What job do you have? it sounds rough..
    So basically shit's going down everywhere in the rp. battles galore in the living world. barely any captains at soul society DT is well. you should read my last post. ;D
    Eternal is part sheep? xD

    Nope. I think if anything you should take your time. Excellence is allowed through such after all. =D

    Cool. Yep figured. rofl.

    wow. that sucks.

    No worries i'm sure things can be changed in the rp for ya. :p
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