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  • Same, also live on the east coast. Well, first I have to find some place on campus that will allow me to connect to Wi-fi. I believe I can in the library, or somewhere around there, so I'll try it out. Did you beat the game and Red yet?
    Hey, Et Cetera! This is Sol from the Pokémon tournament. I just wanted to notify you that Riel has dropped out from the tournament so The Fishman is taking his place and will be your opponent for the first round. Please be reminded that the first round lasts from April 26 to April 28 and within then you and your opponent must have your battle and post in the thread the winner. Thanks!
    Noticed how I had Zong use Sunny Day? I always switch to Infernape once that's up, since Flamethrower gets a x1.5 boost for five turns along with the automatic STAB boost worth x1.5 and the Charcoal it holds, worh x1.2; when Blaze is activated, it's further activated by x1.5 so Flamethrower can end up having a base power of, like, 542. Also, Solar Beam's there to take out any water threats! That's just a basic Infernape, though; I'm planning on breeding.
    I can help you evolve that Kadabra if you want. All you need to do is trade it to me and I'll trade it back.
    Just put 'Sol' since my real name is Soluus and, well, there's not much difference. Also, before we battle, trade me a Bidoof or something for the Pidgey; you'll need to have a minimum of two Pokémon before you can enter Wi-Fi. Then, after we've traded, get your team ready and come back in, then we'll battle.
    I was just about to message you since I have a Pidgey if you want it though it's only lvl 1. As for battling, you just enter my FC into your Pal Pad (it's 3480-7997-6679) and when you've done that, get your team ready, go to the basement of a Pokémon Centre and talk to the lady in the middle.
    Hello, i am here to tell you about AN AWESOME NEW FORUM!!!
    We are new and we are looking for members to join. We talk about Megaman, Fire emblem, and all games in General. You should really come and check us out, were awesome. Need help with a game, we are there.


    Thats the link. Please join. You will be appreciated and surrounded by friends. Come and have fun ^_^
    i meant for the rep comment to say "i approve" at the end, but i hit enter before i could do so
    Check the thread.
    I already apologized.
    MY mistake, I'd never met you before.
    I was unaware you were joking, and thought it was a serious post.
    Hey it was my pleasure ;D you were deserving of it.
    And I guessed as much since you did that several times before, btw they're pretty high quality too.
    This morning. Don't have a lot of time for you guys right now, so I figured I would help everyone out and retire, so that people can PM staff that actually have time to help out

    May only be temporary, dunno yet.
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