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  • I've been waiting for so long
    Now I've finally found someone
    To stand by me
    We saw the writing on the wall
    As we felt this magical fantasy
    Now with passion in our eyes
    There's no way we could disguise it secretly
    So we take each other's hand
    'Cause we seem to understand the urgency
    Just remember
    You're the one thing
    I can't get enough of
    So I'll tell you something
    This could be love because
    I've had the time of my life
    No I never felt this way before
    Yes I swear it's the truth
    and I owe it all to you
    Yo, I saw your post! I'll be sure to check frequently for updates on your website! Thanks for letting us readers know about it. =D
    hey man, how about that kengdum harts? I'm like sooo excited for kh3 :3
    XD I'm so random lol "memeorize it, git it?" -Axoel orgy xiii


    How about you start by posting in the 10,000 dream eaters thread? Just ONE post a day(no double posting rule still applies)
    This is your official invite!

    clothing optional.

    hay man, if you ever have the time...check out the khinsider chat

    Mibbit.com Webchat client
    I'm doing okay. I've just been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf lately with others. I'm liking the new Pokemon reveals so far.
    Things are starting to pick up around the forum these days. What with E3 news pouring in and all.

    I haven't played the recent Pokemon games in a long time, but, I have heard of Johto ones. The ninetails is a fabulous Pokemon choice. My favorite pokemon would be Eevee.
    Hey Eriah, what's up? I haven't gotten around to your new chapter yet, but, will definitely give that a read.

    How are things with you? Do you have a favorite Pokemon and what's your opinion of Team Rocket?
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