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Recent content by Envious

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    People are TOO anxious for KH2

    It depends on the context that you put things in. Yeah, sure, all these people have lives outside of the Kingdom Hearts world, and I guess when they come on this site, it's like.. BAM. Their mindset goes to 'I'll die if I don't play it soon!' And then, when they get offline, they probabally...
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    Passion Lyrics

    Google it much..?
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    the battle with the load of heartless

    I'm really looking forward to it. I'm hoping I'm pissed off at someone when I have to fight them. It'd make a great stress reliver. xD
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    Tifa Confirmed

    Oh my god. I love you. <3! Thank you for the confirmation. I needed that.
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    Question About Passion

    Meh. I'm a little slow. And I'm trying to decipher that one art after the whole.. 'My heart's a battle ground...' <.<
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    Question About Passion

    Interesting! Great ears, whoever figured this out, if your friend didn't themselves... I'm going to listen to it now, and see if I can figure it out too. EDIT: ... I think it's right. I can hear it, and I sung along with what you said it said there, and it fit very nicely. ._.
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    Aw damn. Kidding, kidding. I am female. <.< Well, I'm just glad she's in it. She's one of my favorite charaters, and she kicked ass in Advent Children.
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    some facts and deffinatly spoilers

    Major spoliers. ._. But I'm still glad about some of these facts. -dances around- But don't you think this is more fit for the spiler forum...?