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    How Marvel would work in KH3?

    Comic books like the book of pooh. Also i seen there is comics in KH3D so i hope they do this, its like the book of pooh the world doesnt really suit KH But if it was comics i believe it would atm What do you guys think?
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    How to use Block?

    im level 15 on Kingdom Hearts hd fm and i dont know how to use block? :( Isnt level 15 is when you learn that ability i tried to press square?
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    Xemnas Final Form fight [HELP]

    When i get to the final fight and xemnas surrounds Sora and Riku with laser beams on his last health bar, i press the reaction button as fast as possible and Sora won't defend off the laser beams! wHY is this?? i keep dying at this part and cant beat the game.. Thank-you if you can help?
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    Birth by Sleep on PS3?

    Do you think that BbS should've been made on the PS3 not the PSP :confused:
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    7 years since last console Kingdom Hearts

    Just realised last week on new years eve that it has been 7 years since the last Kingdom Hearts game for console was released which was obviously Kingdom Hearts 2, it was realised in 2005 and for the rest of the world in 2006. (so about 6 years if you don't live in Japan which i do.) ;) ;) (-_-)...
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    KH3: Release date? 'When will it be released.'

    Apparently SE is going to start work on it after Final Fantasy versus 13 ? when will versus 13 be released and once it is finished how long until KH3 ? I was talking to my friend and he thinks its going to come out 2015 on the next gen consoles, but if they do this. They could make a side game...