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Recent content by Endless Warrior Sora

  1. Endless Warrior Sora


    {Btw, screw you picture website that didn't let me keep my picture up for direct linking...it's my picture -_-} That was his firm belief, and even after all this time that belief still hadn't changed. For what was a person, without their memories? Personality, opinions, mistakes, love, hate...
  2. Endless Warrior Sora

    Fr@gm3n+5: Do You Find It Hard To Remember? [R3b00t] (00C & Sign Ups)

    fragments Presented by Endless Warrior Sora, Rhapsody, and You The Story You are a just a typical, (and very unfortunate) teenager who finds themselves awakening in a large city. Almost immediately you notice something odd. Something is wrong with your memory. You either can't remember...
  3. Endless Warrior Sora

    Fr@gm3n+5: Do You Find It Hard To Remember?

    [Presented by Endless Warrior Sora and Rhapsody] Everything was going according to plan. Granted, the process always took longer than anticipated, things were still running smoothly. Enix City still buzzed like usual. Cars passing by, filled with passengers and civilians who worried about...
  4. Endless Warrior Sora

    Fr@gm3n+5: Do You Find It Hard To Remember?

    fragments Presented by Endless Warrior Sora and Rhapsody The Story You are just a typical teenager, that is, until you wake up in a large urban city. Almost immediately you notice something odd. Your memory is either mixed up or completely gone entirely. Nothing is for certain but your...
  5. Endless Warrior Sora

    Street Fighter RP?

    Well hopefully this can bring some spark back! After watching Street Fight Alpha last night and having a more than fair enough knowledge of the Street Fighter mythos. I'm putting up this thread to gauge the likely hood that if I took my time and crafted out a good premise, would any one join...
  6. Endless Warrior Sora

    Who's ever played Mirror's Edge?

    Though I can barely handle the RP's I'm already in, I'm just curious to see If I could spark an interest here for a Mirror's Edge themed RP...?
  7. Endless Warrior Sora

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Fandub Production *Spoilers!*

    It's just you :P No...he kinda did...a little :P
  8. Endless Warrior Sora

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Fandub Production *Spoilers!*

    Lmaooo aww man. Well, I kinda understand why I didn't get Sora...
  9. Endless Warrior Sora

    |Envoy of the Twilight|

    Envoy of the Twilight They had just lost another base. The screams and cackles and interference had finally ceased. And there was nothing she, or anyone else could do about it. It was like another Kerianda. And as a display of power, Aeternus would eventually destroy whatever life remained in...
  10. Endless Warrior Sora

    Facebook Music.

    Stumbled across summn. Login | Facebook What other facebook music have you found? Or made?
  11. Endless Warrior Sora

    Envoy of the Twilight

    Envoy of The Twilight We've been enslaved.... Names used to be labels, but now?... We have barcodes. Knowing your name is rare, and not to mention extremely dangerous. I mean, what's not dangerous nowadays? Even HE didn't disclose his name. We only refer to him as... The Tyrant...
  12. Endless Warrior Sora


    We had such promise....such potential. But we squandered in our pursuit of technology. Our world is ending... but life... must go on. {Stitchpunks} This is why I'm making...you. Okay! This RP is inspiered/based/ sorta AU from the movie '9' from Tim Burton, Timur...
  13. Endless Warrior Sora


    I saw this last night, and forreal cant stop thinkin about it. Who wants to talk about it?
  14. Endless Warrior Sora


    After watching the AMAZING movie 9, last night. Btw if you dont know what 9 is... Here 9-Wikipedia annnnd 9- Official Trailer[DOPE] So I was watching this I thought, how ACTIVE would that be to have puppets running around in decimation, jumping in clocktowers and jazz, a world too...
  15. Endless Warrior Sora

    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    I agree wit Nevermore. Tell him wassup. He seems like he's usin you when he's bored and everyone else is so much more important. Confront him and if he won't care, you just might have to drop him like flies.