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Endless Warrior Sora

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  • you ugh kinda forgot to mention that Brol said that no new recruits are having vehicles :D
    Hey sorry about what happen to the Naruto RP. But hey you'll get over it right. I'm sure you can create another RP that's probably twice as good as that one and I might join if it's at my standards. Well I'll see ya around take it easy.
    no I am thinking about joining, it's looks pretty interesting, though ya gonna have to save me a spot, I won't be able to make a temp to atleast the day after christmas, I'm still working on the remake then I gotta start wtith the death note rp. lol I will join dude, ya got my word
    yo man sorry, i havn't joined any RPs lately, except one, but the ones i am planning to join i'm just quite busy on working on one of my own... I have read your work in progress and currently thinking of what to add. I will post what i got in mind soon.
    seriously bro...there's a place to ask about name change...and it's in ugh the first section in the forums page.... i forgot what it's called but yea... that thread is for Life on Destiny Island, not where to change name...or ask.... X_X this sounds alittle harsh but hey someones gotta say it! sorry if it sounds rude, but yea just trying to tell yah the truth only...
    How are you doing? 'Nother question, is the Naruto RP still going on or did you give up? I'm just curious, posted on it incase you were waiting for me too.
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