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Recent content by Endgame

  1. Endgame


    Post theme: Metal Gear Rising OST - Collective Consciousness (MG Excelsus) - YouTube Cyberevolution The year is 2480. Cybernetic augmentation has become commonplace, to the point where people with only minor augmentation are considered a minority. Overpopulation has reached a peak, and the...
  2. Endgame


    Fight me damnit Pick any setting/theme/whatever. We'll make a new pair of characters and just go at it.
  3. Endgame

    Anime/Manga ► Wakfu

    For those who havn't had a chance to see the series: F**k you, I'm a dragon! The intro to the first episode. No spoilers, no worries. Got into this anime just the other day. Watched the first episode, kicks off with a badass fight. "Hmm, that's pretty mad, and the animation's well done...
  4. Endgame

    ITT commercial culture is destroying creativity in the vidyogamin industry

    Eight CoD games in eight years. Now I know a lot of people like to hate on the CoD series, but today I'd like to use 'em as an example. The Call of Duty series epitomises an extreme of the state of the industry itself. Let's take a look. Fact. It costs money to make a game. Fact. Games are...
  5. Endgame

    Inheritance RP?

    Nah just kidding. Dragons? Come off it. We've got Skyrim for that. Go read Matthew Reiley instead. Seriously, the Scarecrow sequal's out. I'm halfway through, it's pretty much awesome. There's this one part with the submarine and... aww wait I don't wanna spoil it.
  6. Endgame

    Idea dump

    I'm just gonna leave this here. Setting: Modern Theme: Lightning bolt action. No, wait, that's metal gear rising. So basically, we've all got this idea of ninjas. They fly through the air, flip off walls, throw shuriken, and basically be badass. Truth is, none of that stuff ever really...
  7. Endgame

    Children of Steel

    "What the hell is that thing?" "These readings... it's the same one that attacked the International Space Station!" "Hail the William. Deploy all Combat Frames." Children Of Steel In an alternate future, Earth is under attack by a mysterious alien menace, capable of possesing it's victims and...
  8. Endgame

    The Limelight Challenge

    Love it or hate it, the Twilight series is what it is: A massive cash cow. Yet it's, let's be honest, bland, generic, and predictable. A noob roleplayer could write a better romance story in their sleep. Or could they? I put to you the challenge, KHI, to write a Romance RP that's better then...
  9. Endgame

    The Broken Branch

    Clang! Clink! The unmistakable sound of Kunai and Shuriken impacting one another. The dark-clad figures in ghostly white masks win ground slowly, forcing the defending troops to retreat. They are quick, efficent, and effective. The enemy army, each wearing a distinctive forehead protector...
  10. Endgame

    The Broken Branch (A literate Naruto RP)

    "I have no past. I have no future. I have no name. I am merely Danzou's arms and legs. There is no point in saying anything to me." ~ 'Sai' The Broken Branch You are ANBU, the elite. Hand-picked by the Hokage themselves to serve Konoha, ANBU are assigned only the most dangerous and...
  11. Endgame

    Fatal Fantasy

    Name: Storm Age: 21 Gender: Male Lv 1 Fighter STR: 1 AGI: 1 INT: 1 Equipment Head: Sunglasses of the Can't See at Night + 1 to Charisma - 10 to Perception A simple pair of black sunglasses that make the wearer appear exponentially cooler then he/she is. Chest: Jacket of 'Yes, I really do...
  12. Endgame

    Order Rank Challenge for Rank 20

    Everyone between me and Rank #3, I suggest you start shitting yourselves. I'm coming for you. Battlefield: Conditions: Name: Lucas Age: 20 Gender: Male Appearance: Lucas has shoulder-length, snow white hair which is parted down the middle, though somewhat unruly. His eyes are also white...
  13. Endgame

    Help/Support ► Sibling Help

    Guess it's true what they say about the squeaky gear gettin' oiled, ya'know. I don't think there's anything you personally can do. It's up to your parents to set her straight. Why not make them aware of your concerns in the same way you've explained them to us, so they don't think you're just...
  14. Endgame

    Help/Support ► No, I don't want a drink...

    Let's not go into detail. Suffice to say I was a heavy binge drinker for a long time, decided to make some changes, and havn't touched alcohol in the last four months, except three light beers to celebrate my birthday. Now, problem is, I don't like people offering me drinks, because I fear...
  15. Endgame

    Help/Support ► diet family support

    Simple. If he's serious about the diet, he'll do it. If he isn't, he'll suffer the consequenses. You can't tell him what to do with his life, and if he dosn't see the point in it, and keeps justfying avoiding it to you and himself, then you can't do a damn thing about that but watch him make...