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  • No. Silh is pretty cool at times. I think he just really gets into his insults when its someone he dislikes. Its a compliment really if you think about it.
    I don't know. But they like to be apart of the same event. Male bonding? Guess its my fault for having a vagina for not understand the male species.

    And yes. It is always weird to sometimes be apart of that group and be the only girl.
    I still dislike it when someone attacks another on pointless reasons. Those guys really dislike you :\

    I know how you feel.

    When I reach that age I'll have to force myself to never get near alcohol. I have an extremely addictive personality.
    People in thread are friggen annoying and copying each other to be cool.
    Yo Zets. You thought of any good rp ideas? The rest of us are starving for decent ones :<
    Zetsumi? He was dead years ago. What you saw was merely a residual imprint of that which he was.

    What you see now is flesh and blood, that which he has become.

    Internet? It may yet be a possibility. I tire of my so-called father's bullshit. And long for the oppertunity to get under his skin. Prefferably with something sharp. Thus perhaps I'll move back home sometime soon.

    Strip clubs? You see more on the internet for free and it dosn't smell like dried semen when it sits in your lap.

    New character? Oh, that thing. I must change that. That bio was terrible. Working on the true one.
    Try to get through to me somehow.
    Please? ..

    i have a lot to tell you / show, etc.

    Oh look, I'm first on your friends' list again.
    Life fucking rocks.

    Oh, i almost forgot...

    I love you
    You're mine, you sweet mother fucker

    You still haven't fixed that.

    Also, I was wondering if there was anything I needed to know that was going on before I post (finally) in Slipstream. I looked through the posts so far, but Time's post about there being no one in the square confused me a bit.
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