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  • Say End, hows that alolan soldier heartless drawing coming along? just curious.
    Oh and have a nice day.
    I'm Ventus! call me Ven:tongue:
    No, but really that was back when I just created my 1st username. Can't change it until I reached an amount of posts. Still really like Ven:wink:
    Granted, with the exception of Riku and possibly Xehanort the KH game series isn't exactly well-known for the stellar characterisation or character development of its characters (the novels do much better when it comes to the characters), but the potential is definitely there and an improvement of the writing is always possible.

    It's half that and half that I simply do not have the need for one of those fancy new thingys.
    Writing the occasional SMS or simply old school phone calls is what I mostly use it for, I don't even need any on-the-go internet (I'd rather look at the environment and nature rather than constantly on a tiny screen) and I am certainly not a fan of all these social network-vampires who want nothing but to suck up your private data.
    Yea, don't have a phone that can play it (and honestly also not the free time at hand), so I follow solely the story cutscenes in order to keep up with the developments.

    Well, Eph already got more than several other of the KH original characters got.
    When one compares his initial self from Browser-chi (which is Japan only) where he's just an inquisitive, curious and friendly kid who has to stick his nose everywhere and is trying to decipher the truth behind the Book of Prophecies and the weird events in the world, to the rather insecure grand leader-figure with huge responsibility pushed upon him there is certainly a difference in outlook.

    The story of Union Cross also just started and as its looks like he's going to develop some closer ties with both Skuld and Ventus, so the potential for more is certainly there.
    Ah yes, true dat, I've a knack for delving deeply into lore that interests me, it doesn't just extend to KH.

    Ephy indeed joined my group of KH favorite characters, even before we had the HD cameo in Back Cover and despite me never even playing any incarnation of X[chi]. ^__^
    Hey there, thanks for the friend request.

    I've made it my modus operandi to always inquire what gets me the honor, lol.
    Oh, sorry, then I didn't remember correctly.
    Oh, really? That's weird!

    Have you tried [/ spoilers] yet? It's not a box that appears, but it makes the text black so people don't get spoiled. So I doubt this works on images.
    You can ask a mod to look into it though!
    Hey, End! :)

    To post something as a picture, you just have to put the link between these:
    Awww thank you so much for the friend request! ^^ Hopefully you have a good time here at KHi. XD
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