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  • My day was good enough I suppose.

    As for resolutions, I may just go with "stay single." I'd say I've done well doing that the last two years. In all seriousness though, I really don't go for resolutions because I know I won't likely do them. not only that, but if it was something worth doing, it's shouldn't be put off until the new year. What about you?
    I see you and Ali seem to have hit it off fairly well. That's good; I think you two should get along pretty well.

    By the way, Merry Christmas Nay :3
    No problem, it was a deserving post.
    And we can both agree that the Iliad is superior to Paradise Lost regardless. :D!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you as well, and I hope we can talk more as well!
    :D Thanks. By that time, I think I was getting a little frustrated with all of the men over-running the thread, telling why they think we wear high heels. And so, I said what I did, somewhat impatient. *chagrin* Still, I mean what I said. I'm not a feminist, either (that position is filled by my sister), but I do like to believe that I live for more than to make a man pant.

    Hi, hi! :)
    Well, I know it's possible, or at least was, since Hollow Bastion and I think Phoenix changed theirs before, but honestly, I never learned how.
    Oh gosh no, don't worry about it at all :3
    You found the flaws in my logic and pointed them out, that's the forum life for you xDDD

    Don't worry about it at all, hell I don't really like her that much, just some things I can agree with her on. But if she crosses my path she's done >:I eh mods don't have to deal with too much crap, usually the higher ups do (super mods/ site staff/ admins).

    Oh and yes, the font color is just uber sexy, thanks ;3
    Quite amusing.
    Well it should be on that Oh boy a new person thread.
    Your really sticking it out there.
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