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    New things have come into play.
    I hope we'll catch each other online Dx

    Oh wait..
    You're logged in as invisible.
    get on msn.
    Old School KHI ftw.

    Also, Salsa, Kool-aid, Watermelon, and Chicken can't be beat.
    Yup. I was.

    I got this name change because it's a lot easier to remember than that. XD
    Seeing the history behind anything, especially something so grand and celebrated as Ulysses, is an amazing experience. I agree that it would be neat to go to Dublin for this, but that's also influenced by my desires to see more of the world then Illinois. Ireland is somewhere near the top of my list for places to see, someday.

    The odd thing about forgetting Ulysses is that I normally recall details of things I've read quite well. There are only a handful of exceptions I can think of where I don't remember much.

    Sundays are always kind of a drag as well, I agree. But I don't really worry about it as much as I do with a longer vacation, because Sundays make up half of every weekend. It seems like kind of a waste to worry about it for half of the break. And while we're conveniently on the topic of breaks, yours sounds like it was horrifically busy. Mine was relatively uneventful, which I'm rather glad for. A little excitement is a good thing on occasion, but I don't like it for days on end. Overall though, the break, and Christmas as well, turned out rather well, I think.

    And I don't think that I'll ignore the question regarding my goals this year, I think I may actually be able to deliver a concise answer. Or, rather, I'm going to link you to a lengthy answer, but actually do very little work now. Laziness, whoo! Link. This list was a lot longer, at one point, but I deleted everything to start anew, my list had grown far too convoluted to ever actually sort through. My overriding aspiration though, if you want to call it that, is definitely to try being more social. Being a recluse is fun and all, but there are some things that I feel I'm missing out on. What about you? I'd imagine that you have some interesting plans for yourself in the next year.
    Well i was a RPG person for like 3 months then my connection crapped out on my and my computer crashed so i had to leave KHI for like 2 years. Then instantly told Silh hey i want a cool Retired staff Green user name when i came back last year. Then when i got online this morning i told i was back to having a Black user name like the regular members and i though Silh was being a dick for asking for a promotion but i needed to post and everytime i did it keep changing my username color until i got to the right one
    Its funny though because we both registered about the same time, but i was never a Moderator until a few months ago. Everyone just liked to believe i was though for some reason. I think it was the cool Intimidating user name i had.
    I don't really roleplay much anymore. I wish I could, but I never can find the time. Roleplaying was always the one thing on KHI that I could really ever think of posting in much. It was just fun to me. But even when I was in rp's I couldn't keep up with them. It was just a hassle so I stopped. I might go back one day though, it depends if there are any rp's that I really like.

    I have to go back to school on tuesday D: That sucks, but I'm going to be with my friends most of the time through the rest of the break so, it should be nice.
    Oh, thank you for the compliment about my page, I really do try my best.

    Congratulations on starting Ulysses as well, I hope that goes well for you. I think that I may actually have to read it again, maybe over a long weekend. Somehow, I seem to have forgotten most of the novel, which is rather upsetting.

    The last weekend of a long break is always kind of discouraging, because you can never enjoy it fully. The knowledge that you'll be back at school in a few days really puts a damper on the joy of being on break. I am going to do my best to enjoy the rest of it though, and I hope you do that same. How has your break been so far?
    I find it strange and funny you remember my Old Custom user title.
    XD Hey Naomi, I've been doing pretty good, lol I'm kind of bored, but I've been talking to my friend Jessica most of the day so it's been fun XD

    Tavish's sister actually came up with this name one day when I was on AIM XD It was epically hilarious and from then on I went by this nickname. And Double Bars is big for me because nobody ever repped meh D: Then I got double bars and I was like YAY :D
    Lol one of them is to get out and harass several people scattered across all over, moving to new york and going to school there before anything else.
    Thanx Nay, Happy New Year. Lol sadly im still up. The last 7 hours, holy shit!
    Its a lot of fun, what I'm doing with my life right now. I'll admit, there are some changes I'm not comfortable with just yet, but I am working on it.
    Haha yeah, a resolution like that is a win-win. As for waiting till college, I had thought I may as well since it would be like a fresh start for me. Sadly, it seems that I can't just turn off emotions until then; that's become clearly apparent in the last few weeks.

    Thanks. The man is my hero and is incredibly quotable. I heard that one just the other night and it seemed appropriate for the season.
    Hehe me as well, I didn't get up till like 3:00 pm today, then laid back down till 4:00 pm xD

    My Christmas was rather nice, I enjoyed it, though I'm sad its over already.

    Yes, I was quite pleased with my gifts, especially my Chevy Silverado <3
    You did eh? ^_^ Yeah, the pokemon avatar was kinda a giveaway xD

    I know, thats pretty much how I feel, though I'm lazy 24/7, but it is good to have an excuse. xD

    I've been good a little bored but good. You?

    How has your Christmas been?
    My holidays were great thank you ^_^

    Oh my :eek: *blushes* it's not patronizing in the least. I don't know what to say other then thank you..I'm at a total loss for words. But I have to say I am glad you took notice, not many do, and not many here openly express how they feel about me and the work I have done in such an endearing manner. It's people like you that keep me bolted down to KHI :)

    Eh, this year is more likely going to be like next year but just with testing. Friends make it all the more worth being in school though.

    Oh man it's hard to take all of this is--you flattered me so easily. Again thank you so much <3
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