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Enchanted Rose

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  • Woah!!!
    that was quite the response
    ........uhhhh, where to start.......

    your interest in guys is fairly simple
    which happens to be a blessing, although you shouldn't
    ask a guy to present himself to be different, and stand out from the
    crowd if he doesn't already appeal to you, otherwise you'd head for
    another downwards spiral. It's the bond between two people that
    shares more importance than presence

    You shouldn't be ashamed of being shy. Having a guy work for you is easy
    pickings on the perfect mate. If he works hard, and is consistent in impressing
    you from crafts, to roses, and love letters(screw texting) then you may
    have a good guy, of course that doesn't mean they'll all look cute to you either

    a commitment is always endearing, and strong depending on the relationship,
    perhaps you and your boyfriend should make things simple, and take a break
    from seeing each other once in a while. You have to figure that out together, and
    don't cloud your feelings and concerns, that's confusing for a guy, or at least for me.
    Guys are direct, so tell him what's on your mind, otherwise the relationship will skew
    into confusion, sadness, regret, etc.

    my Name is Nicho,
    at least that was my mother's original name for me.
    Others call me Nicholas or Nick.

    In my spare time i draw,
    but shun it towards anything resembling it a career.
    I educate myself into Philosophy, and life experiences of diff. ppl.
    I like spending time alone to eat a sandwich or bakery under a tree during
    a sunny day (The best moment was in Japan, Tokyo , under a Cherry Blossom Tree).
    I spend a lot of time thinking, and daydreaming, and fiddling with past experiences.
    Sometimes i drive to places on my own to be familiar with surroundings. I exercise
    once in a while and keep up with a few shows.....

    .......it's a long boring list.
    I dont have girlfriend and i've only had one for
    a short while. So it get's pretty lonely
    ......i dunno

    thank you for the compliment though,
    My mom told me that me and my older sister
    have eyes that resemble that of Armenian eyes.
    Only one other girl acknowledged my eyes,
    and most don't care for brown eyes, because they
    don't stand out as something vibrant.
    I have the same problem. Have you gone to seen a doctor about your sleeping problems? I've had my insomnia since I was four and I've been taking clonidine to help me sleep. Works like a charm.

    Well, I failed my pyschology course and my uncle can't really take the stress at the moment. So I had to either go home or move out. Going home was a bad option for me, considering all the friends I have here, plus my job.

    And a lapdance eh? Well, I'd be willing to give to one as pretty as you anytime. <3
    I don't believe so, but if you don't want to add me then you don't have to.
    I like short girls, but then again i like all kinds of girls
    just as long as they take care of themselves.

    i would like to have a girlfriend, and hopefully broaden
    a lot of things i do on my daily schedule (which isn't much :/ )
    i just don't know the right girl yet.

    Well your hair doesn't look that bad anyway. It seems fine to me,
    but that's the usual "guy" answer

    Now i'm really shocked. there might be a lot of guys that do like you,
    but are afraid to say anything. That's usually the case. Have you
    tried asking guys on a date/relationship. Or are you the type that would
    rather have them come to you.

    I know most girls like to make the boys work for some affection
    Ran out of my sleeping medication. Finally got my prescription refilled last night, so I'm going to get more today, thank god. And I'd sing for you anytime. <3

    And while it hasn't snowed much here, there's ice everywhere. It's like, dangerous to even try and run outside. D:

    Oh and have you heard I've moved out on my own? Looking for a permanent residence right now. :3
    Hey, new Chapter One is up for Sucrerie. Gotta read and give me your thoughts, mayne.
    Not much of an interesting story, i mean my dad was in the Air Force, and he was stationed at
    Germany, and then i was born.........after my mother had a few shots of Captain Morgan, LOL.
    As far as ethnicity mix......i dunno about being hotter, i wasn't at all appealing to girls when i
    was younger, and as i hit highschool i shaped up. Then it there were eyes on me here and there,
    but I was considered average.

    Then there was this Moldavian girl i wrote to, and she didn't like
    me much at first, but after a while I guess i grew on her, because she'd show her friends my notes,
    and they'd all tell me i was such a good writer and artist, etc. She'd always stare at me in class,
    and i continued the notes, and that went on for 2 years. I figured writing to her every once in a
    while was good, and the patience i held was to fend off any sense of harassing. The problem
    between me and her was that she was from a very cultural orthodox church whereas they only
    dated their own kind, kinda like my Big Fat Greek Wedding, except the reality is that the father
    would have probably tried to kill me first.

    I felt bad because i had never dated before, and i tried really hard to be.....i dunno. That was a
    depressing moment, and it still is today. Then i did finally date a girl, but it wasn't anything special.
    I kinda want to stay away from dating until i feel confident again, if i ever do again :/ .

    As for mens hair,that's when the balding mostly happens. It's in the late twenties, most white guys,
    just brush down their hair in the situation. I think your hair is nice, it looks manageable at least, LOL.
    And obviously guys hit on you, no question about that ;D

    Your post is almost the exact same thing i posted to the rest of the Mods.

    The worst part is I planned on taking a 2-4 week break from the internet to complete everything I'v been putting off but I'v almost completed them within days. Kinda sucks now i gotta find creative ways to keep busy.

    Dont worry, It'll be back there once I remove the current one. Besides I think I changed yours from 17 to 18
    Lolz...that's cool...I only go on there once in a while.
    That's good though, I heard only good things about you to.
    Haha...I actually knew your name already...its a nice name...
    Well I'm Deanna...or any other name you like!! lolz...
    OOO...sounds fun huuh?? What did ya do??
    thick hair is always nice,
    and the thinning, i guess comes with age,
    like any guy my temples have thinned out and receded
    but judging from the long line of men in my family,
    they all have a full head of hair. For a guy it's natural,
    but it's embarrassing when we want to impress a woman,
    especially if bald doesn't suit him. It's a male curse
    Caribbean/Puerto rican
    which basically means
    but that's in the view of ethnicity

    as far as nationality, I have dual citizenship
    being both of American, and German citizenship
    Haha....oh really?? And what did they say exactly...I like you too....
    Ive also heard many good things about you!
    Ahh it's been good...you??
    Im pretty sure that I saw you on Darien's myspace....lolz.
    Yeah, I have difficulty sticking with one name.

    Suggestive? Me? Not in the least.
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