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Enchanted Rose

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  • I can imagine, that does sound like a really rewarding job. I'd love to do something like that part time. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    being poor sucks. ><;;; hmm? know that was a long time ago. i'm working at a camp now for those with special needs. pay is good and the experience is helpful. ^_^
    Work Hard it all pays off in the end. get plenty of rest and fluids.

    i've been ok. i get to go back and work soon over this weekend which i'm looking for cause i'm currently on the verge of being broke. 20 dollars in my pocket and that's all LOL.
    well your above average on most people,
    which i believe to be a good thing.

    China really is a beautiful place, and one that
    i definitely wouldn't mind traveling to

    if only it was easy to be a vagrant like in the past

    your not from America?
    where are you from originally, or where were you

    thinking is a step behind doing,
    if you give more time to think to yourself,
    ad even more space, you can do a lot more
    than you think.

    I'm doing fine. Today is my Friday from work,
    so 6 more hours of customer service, and then i
    can just chill at home for another three days.

    With the seasonal change, i'd expect mood swings
    within the body, such as illnesses. It's starting to
    become spring in Washington, and i've had minor
    colds here and there, but i'm a pretty healthy guy,
    and my family history has signs of a strong immune

    unless i develop some sort of disease, i'm going to be pretty
    healthy in my lifetime :D
    HAHA Yes we did! I remember you gave me like cool points or something (I haven't been on these forums in like two years so I totally forget how everything works lol) because I thought it was so funny.

    I have no idea why, but a few days ago I just said to myself "....hey, remember how you used to go on KHInsider Forums all the time?" and i decided to check up on my account and see what's new on this site lol. ever since I beat KH2 and there's been no kh news I haven't been going on very much.
    i didn't even know i did, but then i don't really
    care about the amount of rep i have.

    my new name is........bearable for the time being
    but come August i'll be glad to change it.

    I at least make sure that my identity is fathomable
    by my constant images of masks, and that their is no vanity
    to my name alone.
    New things have developed.
    Find me on msn Dx

    How have you been?
    fill me in, posthaste.
    it's okay, i kinda figured you were busy or
    something, i should have been patient :)

    thank you, I think Premium is going nicely.
    I'm just waiting for a name change which isn't
    really different. People will still recognize me,
    but of course i wasn't sure how exactly to do
    it so i asked Silh, and i haven't got a response yet,
    so hopefully it comes in later.

    Your welcome for the advice. I'm just talking from
    experience of my point of view, and the perspective
    of other guys as well. Don't let your shyness get in the
    way, and i'm pretty sure you'll do fine.

    My name is sometimes funny. a lot of people tend
    to prefer Nick, but only few have called me Nicho. I
    don't really care though so long as people remember
    me, LOL.

    We share a common value and interest :)
    If you've found a certain person more interesting to
    talk to, it's all perfectly normal. It means you made friends,
    or like-friends

    The introspective side/ i am the same way sometimes.
    Sometimes i just don't want to greet people, or like when my neighbors
    drive in, I'll go back inside my apartments, or walk away quickly.
    I don't know why i do it, it's just that i feel like i don't wanna be bothered.
    I often drift alone because i wan't some space to think about things.

    Yup, I didn't know it was called Sakura season, but we lived in Okinawa
    at the time, and my school had a field trip to Tokyo. We went to this carnival
    which of course smelled a bit like elephant poo, but it was great......i haven't
    been to a circus since. We got to see the Tokyo Tower, and we stuffed in a bullet
    train to Electric City. Very beautiful. If I ever plan to marry anyone, i'd work my
    ass off to save enough money to take them to Tokyo, especially through Sakura
    season, and maybe some parts of Europe like Germany, Paris etc.

    well some of the most intriguing people will like brown eyes. They are eyes that
    look deep within and others have to look deep within. Shine a light on your eye
    and it get's a bit of a golden ring, and when you look closely in your during the
    day, it looks like a swirl of deep chocolate. Brown eyes don't have piercing looks,
    but i find them to be more beautiful among the others.

    you could say these convo's are relaxing. You get the chance to speak your mind and so forth,
    and we actually tend to have a bit in common, which is pretty cool.
    So whenever you feel like, we can talk some more or whatever.
    Your definitely an interesting person to get to know
    and that's comforting
    I hope you'll have fun o: rest up a bit though, you sound like you could use it.

    I can relate to that. I'm just... tending to hype XD It has its ups and downs though.

    Well, iono, I don't even know you yet! xD figured a simple "hello" was as good a start as any!
    Guess I was right :)
    My. While I hardly wanted that to be the basis for any friendship that might develop between us, I do appreciate the honesty XD
    I must admit I never imagined to get into a KH topic of debate with you, but you won't find my complaining.

    I'm fine. Heading out soon with my mother for some shopping. How're you? :"3
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