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Enchanted Rose

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  • you're post in my profile just says don't ask.

    was something else supposed to be there?

    because there was a nother thing above the words Don't Ask. but it just said deleted.
    Out of the few girls which is participating this year, there are many pretty girls so I don't really think I'm gonne get far this year :3 But I am entering justy for fun after all though :) Besides, you are really pretty, especially when you're looking that good right after you gor out of bed, and I know that others on this forums thinks the same way :3 So I do really think that you can beat me out of the first round.

    But good luck :)
    LOL, yes i was aware
    some one had a name close
    to mine. As long as no one is
    confused, and the letters are
    Because Essex is a shithole.

    oh what. I hid comments and what not to make my profile look pretty. but isn't there like a little tab at the top, which has my name on it that drops down with lots of options?
    Washington is.....okay,
    it's a rather rainy state, and lacks
    the freedom of sunshine, but after a
    while you just get used to it.

    England i know is especially dry as you say,
    but it des put forth the delicacy of snow,
    in a very Christmasy manner.

    I would figure your illness would be due to
    wheather change, but i wouldn't fret for
    there are of course many ppl including me
    sometimes who develop that sickjness.

    I have to tell you that my sister's boyfriend
    planned on buying her a ring, so basically he's
    trying to propose to her, but the problem was
    that at the moment, he didn't have enough
    money to buy the ring, so for the moment he gave
    her a gun.......


    a bit questionable, but he has
    this huge thing about protection,
    but i am of course happy that he
    plans to propose to her.

    talk to you later ER :),
    and it's nice to hear from
    you aswell
    Lol yes <3
    wear whatever you feel, hunny bun =]
    I wanted to thank you for your help in my (curious feelings) thread in the help & support section. You always seem to have something wise to say. The weird thing with me sometimes is, if I had been reading someone else making those posts I would have probably given them the same advice, for some reason I have troulbe listening to my own advice sometimes.

    But yeat thanks.
    I'm probably gonna drag it for a bit longer. My sleeping habits are... wait, what sleeping habits? Never mind then.
    It gets so bad people around here yell at me to go to sleep because they're aware of the time difference ^^;;;

    I do hope I won't need a career change. I greatly enjoy what I'm doing right now, and am grateful I picked it as my profession.
    And to be fair, part of the reason why I can think of it as a game is because I'm surrounded by nerds and geeks. Programmers and engineers. Gotta love 'em <3 or at least find them amusing in a somewhat endearing way.
    But that's really how it is. You get a challenge, you need to face it. If you fail, you need to "level up" what you're lacking in, like study harder, or work out more, or improve a social skill or what not. It helps to focus if you have a certain "stat" you need to work on... as pathetic as some might find this to be. It's a good metaphor and this is a forum dedicated greatly to an RPG, dammit! XD
    *cough* where were we then?

    Good luck, and enjoy your evening :)
    Yey friends now. :heart:
    Actually, I'm going to sleep in a bit. It's midnight and I'm sick, so rest is somewhat recommended for me. What time is it over there?
    Other than that my evening's been pleasant. Studying most of the time, but it's a subject I like so it's all good.

    I'm very pleased with it. I wanted it for a while, but people guilted me out of it. Then came my anniversary and lots of drama around the site and it just felt like it was time for a change.
    It certainly saves time when I need to log into the site where I don't have cookies... ^^;;;

    How're you then? Doing well, I hope?
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