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Enchanted Rose

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  • awww thnks for the sweet post in my temp leave thread.

    yeah, i wish i'd gotten to know you more, same with other members here.
    i was barely starting to open up. lol.

    i'm rarely on MSN too, but mine is nadie_cl@hotmail.com

    nice talking to you. i'm sure you'll win that contest.
    bye now.
    I'm not surprised at all that you won the last round
    True natural beauty is the best kind :)
    You have my vote for sure
    And thanks for the compliment :)
    Time out. I object to Hall and Joe even having that right.

    I missed you Naomi. U know I still lurve u. XP XOXOXO
    I object to that notion! I propose me and Joe have a shoot out for right of passage!
    This may seem off the wall but I just felt like saying it. you have a natural beauty about you. I think I've come to realize that both about your outward apperance and the general life that you seem to have in your posts. conveys that as a person (even without pictures) You really are beautiful.

    Just an observation I had. that I wanted to share with you.

    heh, everyone needs a nice compliment now and then
    it's nice to talk to someone from way back when. ^_^

    i'm good and you?

    it could be worse. your room could look like my room. trust me it's pretty bad. >.>
    A compliment from an attractive female thinking I'm attractive is always welcome.

    I'm glad you think so
    oh thanks for the 18th bday in advance.

    my g/f is pressuring me to go, and i'm like "nuuh! i don't wanna feel like im cheating on you!"



    one day you'll go.

    how old are you btw?
    17, 18, 20? just curious.
    :embarassed: Weirdo, thanks though.
    i liek both. :)

    it's okay. i repped you like 2 days ago.

    thnx;same here, actually what race are you?
    I can't figure it out. White-Hispanic mixture for you?

    I'm fully Mexican.
    I bet you thought asian. :(
    oh yeah always busy around that time. best of luck with all of it.
    hey thanks for the compliments lol, are you going to enter?
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