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    Zexion battle?

    I'm referring to the door news about 1-13 Any ideas/thought/theories as to how this might turn out?
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    KH2 - time for you to complete

    3 months because I don't own a PS2
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    Kingdom Hearts II Deep Dive Music

    But some people reffer to it as Deep Dive
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    Kingdom Hearts II Deep Dive Music

    I'll listen to it later, but I assume it will be good by other reviews...
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    Has anyone noticed?

    I just thought of it this mourning when I woke up. Yensid=Disney Has anyone ever thought of this? If this is old sorry
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    kh2 has been streamed

    wow he must be a skilled hacker as well...
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    anybody got VBA kh com save

    I have a few but I don't know how to post it
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    Kh2 SOUNDTRACK!!!! yay

    so....AWESOME! too bad about loading time, but its worth it!
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    I know why it took so long.

    I'm not complaining I'm just stating something that could be helpful
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    A game describing what you did

    Game.... Pick the month you were born: January- I had sex with February- I slapped March- I murdered April- I looked at May- I masturbated with June- I slept with July- I laughed at August- I stabbed September- I shot October- I made love to November- I wrestled December- I...
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    I know why it took so long.

    I think the selling of KHCOM helped in the bugdet for KH2
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    so something similiar has happened to you to?
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    So is their a female organization member?

    yeah Girls are stronger
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    I guess I'm the only one then...weird anyways can a mod please close this
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    what keyblade in...WTF? no I posted on the first page what happened